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Caesarstone explains why it has opened its own warehouse in the UK

15 February 2017

Caesarstone UK Managing Director Amir Reske (left) and Marketing Director John Stanley talk about their plans in the March issue of Natural Stone Specialist magazine. 

Caesarstone quartz is usually placed second behind Cosentino's Silestone in market position in the UK. It wants to be first.

That is why it has opened its own warehouse just inside the M25 at Enfield, EN3, operated by a UK subsidiary of the parent company. 

It is a model that has worked for the company in other parts of the world, starting in Australia. It began distributing through its own subsidiaries in the USA in 2011. It also has subsidiaries in Canada and Singapore. And now the UK.

The USA was its biggest market last year, with sales worth US$222.5million. There, a Caesarstone kitchen is a real estate selling point. Australia, with a population of just 24.3million people, bought US$130.9million worth of Caesarstone last year and Canada (population 36.5million) bought US$85.7million worth. The whole of Europe, with a population of 739million people, bought US$25.6million worth. 

That is why Caesarstone has decided to concentrate a sales effort on the UK. With a population of 65.1million, Caesarstone believes there is potential in the UK to grow.

Caesarstone made the decision to open its own warehouse in the UK just ahead of the European referendum vote in June last year. The result of the vote was not what was expected by most people. What Caesarstone had expected is not recorded, but if the UK subsidiary was supposed to be a jumping off point for Europe, that plan might now be scuppered. Amir Reske, Managing Director of Caesarstone UK, is not perturbed. He says his job is to grow sales in the UK and that is what he aims to do.

The 4,000m2 headquarters of Caesarstone UK, which includes two floors of offices, part of which will become a Caesarstone 'university' for fabricators and designers in the months ahead, is filling up fast. People are being recruited to fill the glass-walled offices and the warehouse already contains 4,200 slabs of the different ranges of Caesarstone. There are more on the sea and when the warehouse is full there will be 12,000 slabs or more, says Neil Evans, the Director of Operations.

Caesarstone plans to move forward in partnership with the fabricators it sells its products to and wants to rebuild its network of those fabricators and partner them to reach specifiers and the commercial and domestic buyers.

Amir, Neil and Marketing Director Jon Stanley have been explaining their plans and the reasons for Caesarstone's move to take over the distribution of its material in the UK to Natural Stone Specialist magazine. You can read the report in the March edition of the magazine (subscribe here).

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