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LPE Group

There are major changes at LPE Group (which took its name originally from the American Laser Products templaters it sells in Europe) with the Directors, Carl Sharkey and Simon Bradbury, splitting t

Stone Industry Group

Simon Bradbury has split from LPE Group and has re-branded as Stone Industry Group. Share swaps between him and fellow Director Carl Sharkey leave the two men in charge of separate parts of the businesses.


The laser digital templater from LPE Group is just the start. Visit the company's stands (D60, E59) at the Natural Stone Show in London to see so much more.

In order for CNC machines to cut accurately and efficiently they need to have the precise dimensions of the tools they are using.


A quick and accurate way to set tools on any CNC.

23 August 2017 to 24 August 2017

When you have seen the light you will never want to return to Correx. Digital templating is delivering significant productivity improvements to stone companies.

LPE templater

Steve Buck from Marble Ideas uses the Laser Products Europe digital templater.

Comandulli, the Italian marque best known in the UK for edge polishers (although the company also makes saws), is now available exclusively in Britain from Comandulli UK, which joins Breton

LPE Group

LPE Group Directors Carl Sharkey (left) and Simon Bradbury.