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CMG Macchine

Via Lussemburgo 5
37069 Villafranca (VR)
+39 0456303431
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30 Years of working in the natural stone machinery construction sector have given Giovanni Faccioli the necessary experience and competence to found C.M.G. MACCHINE S.r.l in 1984. Thanks to over 30 years of experience since its inception, C.M.G. is capable of projecting and constructing all automatic edge polishing machines for convex, inclined, or flat edges on its premises.

The company produces all of its machines in its own 26,000 square feet facility by its high quality staff who are constantly bringing themselves up to date with the latest technology. C.M.G. has recently increased its production and office space by 2,500 square meters. Every day C.M.G. remains highly active in a very difficult industry, in which it has positioned itself as a world leader, this is owed to its international marketing network and its ability to offer high quality products that are on the cutting edge. C.M.G. offers polishing machines like the TAURUS or the FLOTTER, which in recent years have always not only followed a technological evolution, but have also remained simple in respect to maintaining themselves as operator-friendly machines.

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