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Stone Federation Masonry Skills Challenge results

25 May 2017
Masonry Skills Challenge

Students at work in the Masonry Skills Challenge southern heat held at the Building Crafts College in London on 18 May.

List of Winners of Stone Federation Great Britain's 2017 Masonry Skills Challenge.

Congratulations to all those who took part in the competitions at the Building Crafts College in London and Edinburgh College in Scotland. The students had to make templates then produce their work in Marnhull Stone, kindly donated by Marnhull Stone Company, which is said to be similar to a good Bath stone to work. The project was testing and not all the students finished their piece.


Overall winners (top eight)

                                  Name                                     College                               Employer 

1st             Theo Brogan                            Building Crafts College       Uppingham Stone                    

2nd            Joshua Underwood                Bath College                         Architectural Stone                  

3rd            Emma Sheridan                      Weymouth College              Chichester Stoneworks

4th               Hamish Innes                           Edinburgh College               James Innes & Son

5th            Alexander Waddell                 Weymouth College              Winchester Cathedral

6th            Karen Gemmell                       City of Glasgow College      National Trust for Scotland

7th            Calum Munro                          Edinburgh College               Land Engineering

8th            Ross Cowie                              Forth Valley College             Historic Environment Scotland  

Confirmation from SkillBuild for entry eligibility will come from CITB as soon as possible.

College Winners

1st             Bath College

2nd            Weymouth College

3rd             Edinburgh College

Southern Heat winners - 18 May 2017

                      Name                                 College                                 Employer                               

1st             Theo Brogan                        Building Crafts College        Uppingham Stone                    

2nd            Joshua Underwood             Bath College                         Architectural Stone

3rd             Emma Sheridan                  Weymouth College              Chichester Stoneworks

Northern Heat winners - 23 May 2017

                  Name                                     College                                 Employer           

1st            Hamish Innes                    Edinburgh College                    James Innes & Son

2nd           Karen Gemmell                 City of Glasgow College           National Trust for Scotland  

3rd            Calum Munro                     Edinburgh College                   Land Engineering


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