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New colours and features for Cosentino’s Dekton XGloss

21 April 2016

The new XGloss Dekton from Cosentino launched at KBB in March.

Cosentino unveiled a new polished finish to a new range of its advanced engineered Dekton sintered stone at KBB in Birmingham in March. And with the new look came a new property to the material.

The new look goes under the umbrella of XGloss and is described as “an innovative line of high-tech premium polished surfaces available in five stunning colours – Lumina, Blaze, Halo, Spectra and Splendor”.

Cosentino says the XGloss reflective surface is achieved through a combination of an advanced nanotechnological treatment and a mechanical polishing process that together create a crystal-like shine.

It says the ‘nanocoating’ gives Dekton XGloss “unique hidrofugant [hydrophobic, or water repellent] properties, creating an extraordinary resistance to stains without changing any other properties of the material nor adding any external protection to coat the surface”.

Like other Dekton products (all Dekton by Cosentino comes with a 10-year warranty) the surface is resistant to stains and UV light from the sun, which can fade some products. That makes it useable both indoors and out.

And, combined with its large format slabs, it offers plenty of options for creative possibilities to architects and designers.

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