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stoneCIRCLE to celebrate 50 years unbroken trading in 2018

1 November 2017

stoneCIRCLE: 50 years of unbroken trading.

In the 'Merry Month' column in the November issue of Natural Stone Specialist magazine, stoneCIRCLE has inadvertently been included among a short list of companies that have gone bust and re-appeared. We would like to make it absolutely clear that stoneCIRCLE has never gone bust, ceased trading or been in Administration or Receivership. In fact, it will next year be celebrating 50 years of unbroken trading. It is one of stone's success stories and is proud of its continuous trading record. It previously traded as B&V Masonry Ltd, which is still the name of the company that trades as stoneCIRCLE, but the change of trading name was solely for commercial reasons. MD Steve Vanhinsbergh says: "I am mighty pissed off", which is understandable. Robert Merry, who writes the column, says the company was in his mind because he is currently working with them, and what he meant to write was the name of another company entirely. 

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