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Stonehealth tighten Approved List criteria

23 March 2011
The Stonehealth stamp of approval.

Following consultation with specifiers and contractors, Stonehealth, the company that introduced the Jos stone cleaning system to the UK 20 years ago, are revising the criteria for companies to be on the Stonehealth Approved List of contractors.

These days, the successor to the Jos system is Torc and Stonehealth also offer the superheated water system, Doff. The way the systems are maintained and used is important and Stonehealth have always placed considerable importance on the training of operators and the maintenance of the machinery. Now they say operators should be assessed and machines inspected at least once every two years for a contractor to remain on their Approved List and gain referrals from them. A logbook is being introduced to record the services.

At every satisfactory inspection, the Stonehealth Rosette, together with certification, will be awarded.

Stonehealth receive a lot of enquiries about their systems and do not receive any royalty or commission for passing on enquiries to companies on their Approved List of contractors. However, the reputation of their equipment is in the hands of the operators, which is why they are insisting on regular assessment of operators and servicing of equipment.

Stonehealth say the move is to protect clients, so they can be assured genuine Stonehealth equipment is being used by properly trained operatives.

“By maintaining this list to the highest standards we ensure the best possible results and reputation for Stonehealth and contractors alike,” says Brian Crowe, Stonehealth Managing Director.


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