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People may be less religious but they like churches

16 February 2016

Everything visitors want from a church these days.

While the number of people attending church services on Sundays is falling (in the Church of England, at least) more than half the UK population will visit a place of worship each year and most people still think the church buildings should be looked after out of taxes.

A new poll shows that 84% of British adults think the UK’s churches, chapels and meeting houses are an important part of the UK’s heritage and history. The poll was carried out by ComRes, which interviewed 2,038 British adults online between 16 and 17 December. The poll was commissioned by the National Churches Trust, a church building repair and support charity.

The results show that 60% of people want the Government to provide financial support for churches, chapels and meeting houses in order to protect their heritage and history for future generations. 

When people were asked what would most encourage them to visit churches, the top five responses were:

  • A friendly welcome
  • The provision of toilets
  • A café or refreshment area
  • Comfortable seating
  • Access to useful visitor information

The poll found that 57% of the people interviewed had visited a church in the past year for religious services, non-religious activities or as a visitor or tourist. 


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