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Want to talk heritage? First #HeritageChat live on 16 November

7 November 2017

Join in the live debate about the built heritage on Twitter at #HeritageChat.

Want to talk about heritage? Heritage2020 is running a Twitter Chat on the third Thursday of each month from 1-2pm, starting on 16 November. It uses the tag #HeritageChat so that participants can keep track of the conversation.

If you can’t join the #HeritageChat live, Heritage2020 will be producing a Storify summary so that you can catch up later.

The first #HeritageChat is being led by the Historic Houses Association. Its title is ‘Innovation and entrepreneurship in the heritage sector – are we doing enough?’ The theme ties into Global Entrepreneurship Week, 13-19 November (#GEW2017).

Heritage2020 has set up a #HeritageChat page on its website (click here to visit it). Future topics will be announced there. There is also information there about how to get involved. You will have to have a Twitter account.

If you have a question you specifically want answered on 16 November, you can add it to the bottom of the list (click here).

#HeritageChat came about as a means of widening Heritage2020’s consultation process.

The original vision for taking forward Heritage2020 included an annual consultation on the Heritage2020 framework and the evolving strategic priorities. It would take place in the autumn of each year and link to the annual progress report. But the Historic Environment Forum subcommittee wanted to increase the opportunities for the historic environment sector to contribute directly to the Heritage2020 action areas. Hence #HeritageChat was born.

#HeritageChat will be run by different people and organisations from the heritage sector on a rolling monthly basis. One in four will be run by Heritage2020, the rest will be hosted by others in the sector, with the theme selected by that month’s host.

There are vacancies in the programme to be filled, so any organisation or body that wants to host one of the chats should email [email protected].

Heritage2020 was established by the Heritage Alliance to give new impetus for collaborative action in the heritage sector with public, private and independent interests working together closely, pooling intellectual effort and co-ordinating financial resources, to achieve far more than is possible by solo efforts.

Over the five years to 2020 the sector’s commitment to the Heritage2020 framework is intended to create a step change in the understanding, valuing, caring for and enjoying the historic environment of England.


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