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stoneCIRCLE Completes Julian Opie frieze in Bermuda

24 July 2018
Opie Hamilton

The Julian Opie frieze in Bermuda, made and installed by stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke.

When the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club in Bermuda commissioned Julian Opie to design a 13m long installation for its marina, Opie designed a frieze featuring his signature stylised figures in patinated bronze inlaid into Antalya Cream limestone. He turned to stoneCIRCLE to create the artwork for him as the firm had previously worked with him on a similar installation at CitizenM, Tower of London Hotel in the UK.

The outlines of the figures are 5mm thickbronze inlaid flush with the surface of the limestone. They were cut out on stoneCIRCLE’s waterjet cutter and patinated in the company's Basingstoke factory. The limestone was cut on the Omag CNC workcentre and the bronze glued in before shipping. Each panel is bonded to lightweight honeycomb, giving it strength without substantially increasing the weight - although the largest panels still weighed 230kg.

The finished panels were loaded into a bespoke crate and shipped by sea freight to Bermuda. Barry Woodley and Steve Vanhinsbergh from stoneCIRCLE then flew out to Bermuda to install them. It took five days.




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