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Copper pads from Encore Products

15 January 2001

Copper bonded flexible diamond polishing pads have been introduced to the DS DiAFLX range of finishing products from Encore Products.

The copper bond is available on hand pads, polishing pads, edge finishing pads and belts in a variety of sizes.

Barrie Whorrall, managing director of Encore Products, says: The main advantage of using metal bond flexible products is the increase in life and durability of the product, particularly on lower grit sizes (30, 50, 100).

It is also possible to vary the bond for more abrasive materials and special applications, putting in place a system which could be a mixture of electroplated, rigid and flexible and copper.

He says the copper products are particularly effective on granite, but because copper lends itself to the design of special bonds for different applications, it can also be produced to suit other types of stones.

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