Get a power lift on the go with Grabo

The Grabo combines batteries and electronics from drones, cooling technology from computers, and sealing and fabrication from the marine industry.

Grabo is a hand-held lithium ion battery powered vacuum lift that can be used even with rough surfaces on porous or dusty stone.

It has a double seal (foam and rubber) and its vacuum motor can run constantly to compensate for air loss through the material, enabling it to cope with various surfaces to lift up to 170kg.

A single charge of the battery lasts about one-and-a-half hours of continuous use. As it is likely to be used for only a few seconds at a time, or perhaps a few minutes for installing a worktop,  one charge will certainly last all day and possibly even all week.

Grabo evolved from a range of products developed by two engineers, Nimo Rotem and Oleg Zhukov, now trading as Nemo Power Tools Ltd, in Hong Kong in 2010. Initially they used the latest technology to design products to work under extreme conditions for scientific and governmental organisations. Customers included the US navy and Israeli defence forces.

Eventually they decided to adapt the technologies for commercial use, starting with a range of waterproof, cordless power tools for the commercial diving and offshore drilling industry.

Last year the patented Grabo was introduced to the industrial market, combining batteries and electronics from drones, cooling technology from computers, and sealing and fabrication methods from the marine industry.

It is on sale in 45 countries, including the UK thanks to Marco Myatt of Exordia Global in Wickford, Essex, coming across it when it was exhibited at ToolFair last year. Now he is the agent for it in the UK (see

The Grabo is not restricted to use with stone, of course. Its ability to work with porous materials means it can be used to lift plasterboard and plywood just as easily. And it has no problem with textured surfaces for kitchens, floors or paving.

Because it allows better lifting positions it improves safety, helping to reduce manual handling injuries as well as enabling one person to move materials that might otherwise require two people.

It means you can carry materials with your hands close to your waist, which is the safest and most effective carrying position. And keeping fingers away from edges helps in positioning materials precisely while keeping fingers away from any adhesives as well as avoiding getting them trapped.

The Grabo could benefit worktop installers, memorial masons, façade installers, tilers and landscapers, among others.

It comes with a pressure gauge for visual indication of grip strength and a robust storage case. Two rechargeable batteries are provided. It is on sale for around £300 (ex VAT).

The Grabo