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New Hyster forklift addresses dust issues

19 November 2018
Updated H8-126XM range of lift trucks from Hyster

The updated H8-126XM range of lift trucks from Hyster address dust issues.

The latest 8-16 tonne lift truck series of American Hyster forklifts, sold in the UK by Briggs Equipment in Cannock, Staffordshire, take a new look at coping with dust.

Dust – in workshops and factories and on-site – has become a particular focus of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). In October alone it had a specific purge on dust on building sites and it was a focus of attention during Safety & Health at Work Week (22-28 October).

While those carrying out specific jobs involving cutting silica rich sandstone, for example, might be well protected with PPE, lift truck drivers tend not to be. Hyster has addressed that on its H8-16XM range by offering the option of an enclosed, pressurised cabin.

Dust also takes its toll on the truck itself. It can quickly become clogged with dirt, leading to cooling problems. The required extra maintenance and related downtime not only increases the overall cost of ownership, but also impacts the efficiency of the operation. 

To help overcome this, the H8-16XM range is available with on-demand cooling fans featuring auto-reverse cleaning. There is also a high mounted air intake, heavy duty pre-cleaner and special breathers to provide added protection from dusty and dirty conditions.

To help prevent additional damage and wear to truck components Hyster lift trucks also feature automatic greasing, which helps to push the dust and dirt away from critical wear points. Vented hoods and a truck belly pan are designed to prevent dirt and debris getting in from underneath. The result: fewer breakdowns and maintenance costs reduced.


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