The New Stone Age exhibition returns to the Building Centre

The New Stone Age exhibition at the Building Centre in Store Street, London, is open again until 28 August.

The New Stone Age exhibition that opened to considerable acclaim at the Building Centre in Store Street, London, in February only to be closed down the following month by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, has re-opened.

It runs until 28 August, 9am-5pm during the week and 10am-5pm on Saturdays.

The New Stone Age exhibition, sponsored by international stone supplier Polycor and The Stonemasonry Company in Wymondham, Leicestershire, celebrates the sustainability, practicality and inherent beauty of stone. The exhibition includes examples of how stone can be used to reduce the carbon footprint of a building and save money, as has been achieved at 15 Clerkenwell Close in London.

Designed by architect Amin Taha of Groupwork, who lives there, and built by Webb Yates (engineer) and The Stonemasonry Company (stone specialist), 15 Clarkenwell Close uses raw quarried stone as the building's frame.

The New Stone Age exhibition at the Building Centre is curated by Amin Taha, Steve Webb of Webb Yates and Pierre Bidaud from The Stonemasonry Company. The use of stone is said to have reduced the building's carbon footprint by 90% compared with using steel or concrete and to have cost 25% less.

The Building Centre says the exhibition provides an opportunity to broaden the discussion of stone, to acknowledge past architectural achievements and introduce a new generation of architects to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a material that combines practicality and beauty.

The exhibition features the work of a range of eminent international designers and an associated events programme explores the challenges and opportunities of designing in stone.

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