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Gloves to combat vibration

15 April 2001

A new glove incorporating patented AntiVib air bladder technology developed in the USA, has been launched by Company Health to help overcome the problem of hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), which the Health, Safety, Ethical & Environmental Executive are currently clamping down on.

Produced to the requirements of ISO 10819, the glove has been shown to attenuate vibration in the hand by as much as 70% over the ISO specification\'s upper frequency band and at mid frequencies vinration is reduced by about 40%.

The air bladder is pumped up by a bulb inflator at the back and forms an effective vibration damping barrier between the tool and the wearer\'s hand, including palm, fingers and thumb.

The air bladder is located within a pocket inside the glove. It is welded at the natural joint positions of a hand to make the glove pliable and flexible to leave the wearer with full control.

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