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HSE to continue Covid spot checks

21 October 2020
HSE Covid Video

HSE Inspectors are visiting work places to ensure the risk of spreading Covid-19 has been assessed and acted upon. The video below tells you more about the spot-checks planned.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is carrying out spot checks and inspections on all types of businesses in all areas to ensure they are Covid-secure.

In October HSE has been checking workplaces for dust, particularly respirable crystalline silica dust, one cause of which is cutting and polishing granite, quartz, sandstone, slate and other high silica stones.

At the same time, the inspectors have been checking that companies are sticking to the rules relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Those rules require companies to carry out risk assessments, ensure social distancing, and facilitate the wearing masks and hand washing.

The inspections carried out so far have led to some concern that more companies need to be checked in relation to Covid-19. And the inspectors are on to it.

HSE says its inspectors make thousands of calls to companies each year. During the coronavirus spot checks they will give advice on how to manage the risks and protect workers, customers and visitors.

HSE points out that it is a legal requirement for companies to accommodate visits by inspectors and says there are sensible steps firms should be taking to help keep workplaces Covid-secure and avoid the necessity for action if an inspector does call.

Companies should:

  • carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment... read more
  • make sure social distancing is observed... read more
  • keep workplaces clean, with handwashing and hygiene procedures... read more

The video below explains:

  • how spot inspections work
  • what the HSE inspectors will need to check
  • how they can help you keep your workplace Covid-secure
  • actions that will be taken if employers are not managing the risk of Covid spreading adequately.

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