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The latest news from the Stone Industry


A picture taken by an HSE Inspector of where the fall occured in a water tower at Richard McAlpine's Stone Gappe Hall.

Construction company Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd has been sentenced for health & safety breaches after worker Mark Smith fell 4.8m through an unprotected opening in a water tower at one of the...
Simon Bradbury

Simon Bradbury, who sells Turrini water and dust management systems, says bags can be better than filter presses for stone fabricators.

Simon Bradbury of Stone Industry Group represents Turrini Claudio water treatment and dust management systems in the UK. Here he says bags are better than filter presses for dealing with the waste in...
Extinction rebellion and natural stone

Extinction Rebellion protestors in London. Concerns about the environment are growing again.

Photo: Paul Slade

This could be the right time for the sustainable, low carbon benefits of building and decorating with natural stone to be recognised and appreciated.Those waiting in Piazza Bra for a bus to take them...
NSF report

American company NSF International has flagged up the possible threat of food contaminants in untested quartz worktops.

While concern has been rising across the western world about the danger of silica dust when making quartz worktops, Americans have now added the spectacle of food contamination by the resins used in...

Concern over silica dust in Australia has led to action taken against 100 firms in New Zealand, reports news broadcaster.

More than 100 companies in New Zealand have had enforcement action taken against them for exposing employees to silica dust.The report comes from New Zealand broadcaster 1 News Now. It says the...

The overturned dumptruck following an incident in which the driver died.

Picture: HSE

A leading construction company has been fined £225,000 and ordered to pay £11,822.90 costs following an incident in which a worker was killed when a dumper truck overturned.Chelmsford...
Lime mortar mixer

Lime as mortar for use with stone construction is just a small part of the lime industry, as is clear from the British Lime Association's report.

The British Lime Association (BLA) has published its 2019 Sustainable Development Report, highlighting that the sector maintained its impressive sustainability performance as UK production continued...

Most companies producing sandstone masonry in the UK understand the risk from silica dust and take appropriate precautions. The same is not always true in the worktop market, especially outside the factory environment when fixing.

Throughout October the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) once again targeted construction sites with an inspection initiative focussing in particular on measures in place to protect workers from...

£600,000 fine for HAVS offences.

Another company where employees were not protected from vibration that led to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) has been prosecuted by HSE. It has been fined £600,000 and ordered to pay costs...
Bridge saw

Is it safe? HSE will be checking on bridge saw safety in quarries in the new year.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is planning to visit dimensional stone quarries in the new year to check its guidance on guards for bridge saws is being followed.HSE says working close to...

The construction industry is getting behind a new scheme designed to simplify and strengthen the construction prequalification process.

A prequalification scheme for the construction industry, the Common Assessment Standard, introduced in May has had a positive response from the industry. According to CHAS  (...
Construction fatalities

30 people died in the construction industry in 2018-19, half of them as a result of falling from height.

Half of all construction companies surveyed have identified difficult customers as a psychological workplace risk they face.Other psychological risks identified include time pressure, long and...

The Health & Safety Executive has updated its guidance on hand-arm vibration and its vibration calculator spreadsheet.

There was another fine for exposing workers to vibration injuries resulting in Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) in September. This time it was of £100,000, with prosecution costs of £28...

Silica dust from cutting stone, engineered quartz and concrete can be a killer. HSE will be visiting construction sites in October and November to make sure you are getting it right.

This month (October) HSE is carrying out its latest construction inspection initiative with a focus in particular on measures in place to protect workers from occupational lung disease caused by...
Silica dust

This is a picture of a young man in a small British worktop fabrication factory cutting a piece of engineered quartz. It is not staged. He is not wearing a mask and although there is a water wall it is behind him as he sends RCS out into the workshop. Conditions like this are leading to silicosis among people employed in making worktops. It is becoming a growing concern around the world.

Engineered quartz presents possibly a greater danger of causing silicosis among people who breath in the dust from it as they cut and process it than sandstone, granite or slate.In a report this week...