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Industry split over threat

15 September 2001

More than a quarter of building products companies think recession has already started in the UK, according to financial analysts Plimsoll.

However, a third think there are no signs of recession, another quarter believe they can maintain market share by cutting margins and another 14% are trying to maintain margins but pay off debts.

These conclusions are based on a study of 355 companies. The 96 (27%) who think recession has started have seen sales decline 11% in the past year. All are making a loss and are at risk. And they are predominantly smaller businesses.

Overall, the building products supply sector is not in recession. It is growing at 3% a year with profitability at 4% of turnover and productivity at a healthy £99,000 per person.

The figures are included in the Plimsoll Portfolio Analysis Building Products, available for £305 (with 5% discount if you say you read about it in Natural Stone Specialist). For details:


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