CLC will issue a statement about Site Operating Procedures Thursday morning (15 July)

Most BuildUK contractor members say they will continue social distancing on at least some sites after 19 July.

In the announcement about the lifting of Covid restrictions on Monday (12 July) the Prime Minister said "caution is absolutely vital". Contractors seem to have taken that to heart and in a survey carried out by BuildUK among its contractor members after the announcement 89% said they would maintain social distancing on at least some of their sites after 19 July. 

There were also 59% who said they would continue to require masks to be worn in common areas and welfare facilities and 41% said they would maintain Site Operating Procedures in full until at least 16 August, when the requirement to self-isolate for those who have had close contact with anyone who has Covid-19 will be revised for those who have had both doses of the vaccine or are under 18.

In offices, 81% of the contractors said they would maintain some kind of social distancing although only 46% said they would require masks to be worn in common areas.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) plans to issue a new statement regarding its Site Operating Procedures and Use of Face Coverings in Construction from Monday 19 July tomorrow morning (15 July).