The long-awaited Part 5 (interiors) of BS 8298 is open for public comment

Jordans Whitbed natural stone feature wall

Albion Stone’s Jordans Basebed Portland limestone was used for the internal wall linings of a £260million rebuild at 1&2 New Ludgate, which won a City of London Building of the Year Award in 2016. The new Part 5 of BS 8298 includes an example showing 900mm x 600mm panels of Jordans Basebed can be used at 30mm thick.

The long-awaited part 5 of BS 8298: Code of Practice for the Design & Installation of Natural Stone Cladding & Lining, has finally been produced and is out for public comment.

Part 5 covers interiors. It was intended to be produced for the 2010 revision that split the standard into supposedly five parts. The first four parts, covering the design and installation of stone cladding, were generally welcomed as they facilitated the use of thinner stone.

A revised version of the standard was published at the start of this year and reduced the standard for exterior cladding to three parts, with the first part of general principals being incorporated into the remaining three parts. There was still no Part 5 for interiors but there was a promise once again that it would follow.

This time it has. You can see it and comment on it on the British Standards Institution (BSI) website here. You have until 27 September to make your comments.

Part 5 covers the selection of stone, its testing requirements, the typical fixing details and the influence of loadings and impact on the stone’s thickness.

Portland stone company Albion Stone has summarised the standard on its website using the BSI data and welcomes the new Part 5 not least because it includes a worked example showing that Jordans Whitbed at 900mm x 600mm can be used at 30mm thick.