Trial of stonemason accused of murdering lovers nears conclusion

Newry Crown Court in Northern Ireland is nearing the conclusion of a murder trial in which stonemason Leslie Ross is accused of murdering two women said to have been his lovers.

The jury for the case was sworn in for the trial of the County Down man on 15 September. Around 200 witnesses were on the list to be called.

The jury was warned by the Judge that its verdict had to be based on what was heard in court and nothing else. He warned the seven women and five men that they were not to search the internet for information about Ross nor talk to anyone about the case, not even to each other until they had heard all the evidence.

Afterwards, a Reporting Restrictions Order was made by the court saying that no details of the case are to be reported until the court says they can be. So no more mention of the case until the court lifts the Order, if it ever does.