Webinars to explain the new CSCS Smart Check app this month

CSCS card

Any card carrying the CSCS logo can be verified using the CSCS Smart Check app. CSCS is running a series of seminars this month (March) to explain the app. They are free, but you have to register to take part.

Next month (April) the CSCS Smart Check app is launched. It allows all 2.1million cards, physical and virtual, displaying the CSCS logo to be electronically verified on-site using a smartphone. 

To use the system, the CSCS Smart Check app has to be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store for androids. It will be available from April.

There are 38 card schemes using CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme), including CITB’s, which identifies the skill level of masons (and others). All CSCS cards carry the CSCS logo. The one CSCS Smart Check app can be used to verify any CSCS card from any of the 38 schemes that use them, so you can check everyone from all trades onsite. 

Because the app is new, CSCS is hosting a series of Teams webinars this month for people who want to find out more about CSCS Smart Check ahead of its launch.

Representatives from CSCS, the app’s working group, and its IT partner, Stable Logic, will be on hand to tell you about the app and answer questions.

The webinars are free, but they are Teams meetings and you will have to register with an email address to take part.

You can register for the following webinars:

For further details about the CSCS Smart Check app, click here.

For a quick guide, see the video below.

How the CSCS card check app works