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Making best practice common practice

15 September 2001

The Rethinking Construction programme, begun as a result of Sir John Egan\'s report of the same name in 1998 and intended to improve standards in the industry, is to continue for at least two more years after March next year, when it was supposed to wind up.

Sir John now chairs the Forum for Construction, which, in April, published a consultation paper called The Future Development of Rethinking Construction.

As a result of that the programme is to continue, although with some changes based on the comments received from the industry.

Forum for Construction promise a simpler, better integrated structure and a focus on wider dissemination of activities and information and greater industry ownership of the project.

Announcing the extension of the programme, Construction Minister Brian Wilson said: There is clearly widespread support and enthusiasm for Rethinking Construction. But there is also a belief that there must be a new emphasis and drive if day to day practices are to be changed throughout the wider industry.

Demonstration projects have shown how improvements in the industry can be made and Brian Wilson said: Now that the leaders have shown what can be done we must launch a renewed drive to make the best practice of today the common practice of tomorrow.


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