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Americans propose 700% tariffs on Chinese tiles

31 March 2020
700% tariffs in America

America proposes 700% tariffs on Chinese ceramic tiles.

American tariffs of more than 700% on Chinese ceramic tiles have come a step closer. 

The US Department of Commerce (DoC) announced on 31 March that it recommends the tariffs on Chinese ceramic tiles for dumping and subsidies America says China gives to its manufacturers.

The DoC recommendations have now gone to the US International Trade Commission (USITC). A decision is expected in May.

A DoC investigation concluded that Chinese tile producers/exporters sold their products in the USA at rates ranging from 229% to 356% below the cost of manufacture and shipping. The investigation also found that the Chinese companies received subsidies from their government of almost 359%.

The combined tariffs proposed could range from 587% to 714%.

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