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New from Bryan Waters Stone

15 August 2001

Two new machines have been introduced by Bryan Waters Stone, who are based in Seaton, Cornwall.

They have obtained the exclusive agency for the GST Stainless Steel automatic edge polisher, which has eight polishing heads and four chamfer heads. Slabs are fed into the machine vertically and travel along the machine bed automatically.

GST have also developed a new range of diamond abrasive tools in conjunction with the machine to minimise power and water requirements while maximising output and quality of polish on both straight edges and chamfers on any type of granite or marble.

Bryan Water Stone are also offering a new wire saw from Thibaut, who Bryan Waters have represented in the UK for many years.

The saw is an automatic gantry horizontal wire saw for block sawing. Its advantage is that it can saw large blocks with a small wire span, reducing the risk of wire wander and breakage. It also means smaller diameter wire can be used, requiring less power, cutting faster and using less water.

Another advantage is that wastage is reduced as there is no need to leave material at the base of the block, as is necessary with vertical sawing to support the cut stone.

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