New book celebrates 'England's finest stone town'

Barn Hill in Stamford

A book celebrating the beauty of Stamford, Lincolnshire has been created by Gary Curtis of Instagram’s @theoldbuilding account. Captured between 2018-2023, the 184-page hardback features original photography captured by the author.

Once called the “finest stone town in England” by Sir Walter Scott, the book collects images from the historic centre of the much-admired town. Although contemporary, the atmospheric photographs take the reader on an unforgettable journey through Stamford’s fascinating history.


The book takes the viewer into the heart of the town via Georgian townhouses, original shops, storied pubs and architecturally important features. Such is the town’s period architecture that it has been chosen as the backdrop to iconic films and series from Middlemarch to The Crown, Pride and Prejudice to Bleak House. Earlier this year, it was referred to as "architectural eye candy” by The Sunday Times.

The book is available to order from To find out more, follow The Old Building on Instagram