Landmark stone home to be built in England's smallest county

Planning has been granted for a landmark natural stone and timber house in Exton, Rutland which meets the ‘Exceptional Paragraph 84 new house’ criteria as outlined by the National Planning Policy Framework. This rarely-met criteria states that the house ‘is truly outstanding, reflecting the highest standards in architecture, and would help to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas; and would significantly enhance its immediate setting, and be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.’

The project is a joint venture between East Midlands-based Grace Machin Planning & Property, Influence Landscape Planning & Design and Jonathan Hendry Architects who combined their expertise in planning, landscape and architecture, to navigate planning policy and create a bespoke approach for a successful outcome.

With the complex guidelines of planning for a new dwelling in open countryside, the construction partners worked together to create the most considered case for the planning officer, with planning given at the end 2023 by Rutland Planning Committee.

Occupying an isolated location, the single dwelling property will become a cylindrical six-bedroomed home with contemporary living space across ground and lower ground floors. Stone will come from Goldholme Stone Ltd in Ancaster just a little over 20 miles from the property's location.

Holly Barker, architect at Jonathan Hendry Architects said: “Stone was selected as the primary material to ensure the house is built in local and natural materials, there is also a sense of robustness and longevity with stone buildings as if they have been placed on site to become part of the landscape. The tumbled limestone base gives the impression that the building is rooted to its context with a finery given to the upper floors by the ashlar limestone finish. The stone is sourced at a local quarry just outside Grantham and is consistent with the limestone seam which runs through Rutland and surrounding counties."