QEST Scholar's carving takes pride of place in the City of London

A new Mercers’ Maiden stone sculpture for The Mercers' Company in Frederick’s Place, London has recently been unveiled. Created by stone carver Emma Sheridan, a QEST RW Armstrong Scholar – the piece was commissioned in her final year project during her BA in Historic Carving: Architectural Stone at City & Guilds of London Art School. 

The Mercers' Company has been using the Mercers' Maiden as its emblem for hundreds of years reportedly since 1425, although the origins are unknown. 

"The project took the best part of a year - from working with an initial design on paper, to a clay maquette, to the carving in Portland stone. I feel very honoured to have been able to create this piece for the Mercers' Company that will become part of the fabric of the City of London", said Emma.