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Generous discounts now available for on-site NVQ assessment to get your CSCS card

24 February 2014
NVQs are your passport to the appropriate CSCS card.

The NVQ is now the recognised standard for achieving the appropriate CSCS card for operatives, supervisors, heritage craftspeople and managers. Getting NVQs for experienced workers using an on-site assessment programme minimises disruption.

Even better news: Reduced rates are available, but only for a short time.

Level 2 NVQs

  • Normal Fee: £1,250 per person
  • Discounted Fee: £800 per person
  • Funded opportunity Fee: £350-£700 per person

Level 3 NVQs

  • Normal Fee: £1,600
  • Discounted Fee: £700
  • Funded opportunity Fee: £600

Level 6 NVQs

  • Normal Fee: £2,800
  • Discounted Fee: £2,000

The discounted rates are now available to all those in England and Wales who would otherwise pay normal fees and are also now available to employees working for CITB registered firms. CITB-registered firms can also apply for a £400 achievement grant payout for each employee who achieves their NVQ, further cushioning the training investment. Funded opportunities are available where further criteria are met.

On-site NVQ programmes available from Priestman Associates

Level 7:

  • Senior Construction Management
  • (must have level 6 first)
  • Level 6:
  • Contracts Management
  • Site Management
  • Conservation

Level 3:

  • Heritage Facade Preservation
  • Heritage Mason
  • Heritage Wood Occs
  • Site Supervision
  • Contracts Operations

Level 2:

  • Banker Mason
  • Cladding Mason
  • Cutting Mason
  • Facade Cleaner
  • Facade Restorer
  • Fixer Mason
  • Floor Installation Mason
  • Specialist Concrete Repair
  • Stone Paving
  • Water Jetting

Interested? Email Mark Priestman for more information.


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