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Topics being featured in Natural Stone Specialist magazine this year:

January / February

(Advertising deadline: 16 January)

Hard landscaping

A renewed assessment of value for money has favoured natural stone products in hard landscaping on commercial projects, while the trend for taking interiors into exteriors is driving demand in the domestic market.

Design Meets European Stone

This is a theme of the Natural Stone Show at ExCeL London this year and we explore some of the ways designers have used European stone.


(Advertising deadline: 16 February)

Natural Stone Show 2017 – Preview

A first look at who will be exhibiting and what they will be showing in ExCeL London on 25-27 April.

Engineered Stone

Developments in engineered stone continue to expand the market for stone processors. NSS looks at the latest designs and developments.


(Advertising deadline: 27 March)

Natural Stone Show: Official catalogue

This issue of Natural Stone Specialist is the official catalogue of the Natural Stone Show at ExCeL London, 25-27 April. It will list the companies exhibiting with descriptions about what they will be showing. It will also include all the information you need for a visit to the show.


(Advertising deadline: 1 May)

Natural Stone Show: Review

Highlights from London’s Natural Stone Show, with pictures and news from the UK’s major biennial stone show.

Tiles & Interiors

Demand for natural stone remains strong in interiors, although the distinction between natural and engineered stones and ceramics and porcelains, and even between tiles and slabs becomes increasingly blurred.


(Advertising deadline: 22 May)

With the National Association of Memorial Masons planning to return to Warwickshire Exhibition Centre near Leamington Spa for its second stand-alone exhibition, NSS reviews this niche of the stone market.


As youngsters prepare to leave school and start their work careers, NSS takes a look at what is on offer in the stone and conservation sectors, and how the new Trailblazer apprenticeships are panning out.


(Advertising deadline: 14 July)


The role of wholesalers has changed. They no longer just supply the trade, they also promote stone to clients and architects, playing a vital role in expanding the market.

Materials handling / health & safety

The February 2016 guidelines on fines for health & safety infringements that have resulted in a five-fold increase in the average fine courts are imposing has focused minds on the subject. NSS takes a look at the products available for making work in stone safer.

NAMM Tradex review

Report from NAMM’s Tradex exhibition, with pictures of the exhibits and news from the show.


(Advertising deadline: 18 August)

Annual Machinery Review

A detailed review of the latest developments in the machinery on offer to increase the efficiency of stonemasonry companies, including a preview of some of the launches promised at the Marmomacc stone exhibition in Verona, Italy, at the end of September.


(Advertising deadline: 14 September)

Conservation & cleaning

A look at some of the projects taking place to conserve the built heritage of the British Isles and products and techniques for cleaning and restoring stonework.

Power tools / hand tools / diamond tooling

Although machines are taking over many of the jobs traditionally the province of stonemasons, a hand-finish is often required


(Advertising deadline: 11 October)


Adhesives and grouts, sealants for worktops and floors, anti-graffiti and paving treatments for exteriors, maintenance products for consumers and cleaners… NSS reviews the products for fixing, caring for and enhancing stone finishes.

Water management & energy conservation

Utility prices are creeping up again. Although the heady days of generous feed-in tariffs are gone, it is still worth reducing the overheads of power and water with careful management. And when your customers care about BREEAM points, it can help.


(To print: 15 November)

Putting heads together – robots and waterjets

It is not just Kuka and ABB robot arms that are making the most of ever greater processing power to add speed and versatility to stone processing, CNC workcentres and bridge saws are also getting more sophisticated with multiple heads carrying combinations of discs and waterjets.

Update on Brexit

With Article 50 having been instigated in the first step towards the UK's divorce from Europe, NSS will talk to some of the companies in the stone industry and those who supply them to see what is the developing reality of life outside of the European Union.

  • Each issue of Natural Stone Specialist also carries reports of stone projects and companies, as well as news and views from the industry.
  • Natural Stone Specialist is the UK’s only monthly magazine dedicated solely to the stone industry in the UK and Ireland.
  • Please note: While it is our intention to adhere to the above programme of features in Natural Stone Specialist, if circumstances dictate the programme may change without notice.

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