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To advertise in Natural Stone Specialist magazine or on any of our digital platforms call Anna on +44 (0) 115 945 3897 or email [email protected]

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The strength of our online community

  • In the first quarter of 2021, the number of people visiting the website increased 71% compared with the same quarter last year (ie before the Covid lockdown) to 57,108 visitors viewing 69,169 pages – source: Google Analytics.  

  • The Natural Stone Bulletin is a digest of news from the industry emailed directly to subscribers' InBoxes. Among those who advertise on it are stoneCIRCLE, one of the leading stone companies in the South East of England. Madeleine McMullin, of Source Marketing, who leads stoneCIRCLE's promotional activities, says: “The Natural Stone Bulletin has always proved to be very good value for money in terms of generating interest in stoneCIRCLE.”
  • The Bulletin has been emailed since the start of the millennium, when it went to just a few hundred addresses each time. We welcome anyone who wants to take advantage of the free subscription to it. Each emailed Bulletin is typically opened between 5,000 and 10,000 times by the architects, designers, developers, main contractors and stone specialists who have subscribed to it, making this a particularly cost-effective place to advertise - and it can be timely if you have a job vacancy to fill urgently, for example.
  • If you would like to explore the opportunities for digital advertising, contact Anna on +44 (0)115 945 3897 / [email protected].

There are various online platforms to communicate your marketing message:

Website Banner Advertisements

Guarantee reach and penetration of the marketplace through our ‘cost-per-thousand page impressions’ mechanism. This is restricted to just three positions on the site ensuring exclusivity of your brand during the campaign.


600 (w) x 90 (h) pixels

£40 cpm


300 (w) x 250 (h) pixels

£35 cpm

Banners should be supplied as GIF or Adobe Flash files.

Website Video Tenancy

Bring your proposition to life and make a lasting impression. Please send video in MP4 format.

£600 per month

Website Profile Pages

Provide a 24/7 virtual shop window for users. Profile Pages can host brochure downloads, video clips, image galleries and news feeds for your company and put you at the top of our Directory listings.

£600 per annum

Website and e-mailed Bulletin Job vacancies

Fill your vacancies fast with our multi-platform solution:

  • Job listing hosted on for a month

  • E-mailed to 23,000 recipients on the Natural Stone Bulletin

  • Run as a quarter page in Natural Stone Specialist magazine


Bulletin 'premium' sponsored link

up to 45 words in main body of Bulletin

£300 per insertion

Bulletin 'premier' sponsored link

up to 60 words + logo in a prime spot

£450 per insertion

Bulletin sponsorship package

Exclusive Leaderboard 600 (w) x 74 (h) pixels & Sponsored link

£600 per insertion

Solus E-Shot

Send a dedicated and bespoke direct marketing message to our database of 23,000 opted-in e-mail contacts. Please note this is limited to one E-Shot per month.


Topics being featured in Natural Stone Specialist magazine and online in 2021:

January / February
(To print: 22 January)
Hard landscaping
A significant portion of imported stone is used for hard landscaping but it is not a sector that has been abandoned by British stone producers, who are seeing a Brexit-inspired revival. Can porcelain and sintered stones do for hard landscaping what quartz has done for worktops?
Underfloor heating
Wet or dry? The thermal conductivity of stone makes them the ideal medium for use with underfloor heating. But which system? We take a look at the latest developments in underfloor heating.

(To print: 19 February)
Waterjets, robots and cobble cutting
Some fabricators have looked to waterjets and robots to improve their performance in an increasing range of surface materials and found they also present some unexpected opportunities for diversification. We look at these and other machines less commonly seen in UK stone workshops that can also open up new areas of expansion.  
Online only
It was not only exhibitions that became virtual events last year, the coronavirus has accelerated the use of digital communications across the industry with 5G becoming a game-changer. We look at how stone companies and their suppliers are using the technology.

(To print: 22 March)
Stone Awards
The winning projects in the Stone Federation Great Britain Natural Stone Awards.
Porcelain, ceramics, sintered stone and quartz
The new generation of large format products have required stone fabricators to re-think what they thought they knew about their trade, but the stone and industrial looks of the products continue to create a demand pull for them that shows no sign of abating.

(To print: 23 April)
Major cladding projects have used a selection of indigenous and imported stone with impressive results. Some of stone’s big projects will be featured in this issue.
Sticking, sealing and enhancing
The chemical companies continue to improve their products and invent new solutions for sticking stone to floors and walls, sealing worktops and floors, and cleaning and protecting surfaces. We take a look at the latest developments.

(To print: 24 May)
Whatever else happens, people continue to die and a remarkably consistent proportion of those who do have stone memorials erected to them. It has meant that, although small, the memorial masonry sector has remained buoyant.
As the industry tries to get to grips with its new Trailblazer Apprenticeships and other training adapts to the change, there are new openings for those who want to embark on a career in the stone industry.

July / August
(To print: 25 June)
Stone supply
After six months since the end of the Brexit transition period NSS asks if it has made any difference to the proportion of natural and engineered stone coming into the UK market.
Energy saving
The days of easy returns from putting solar panels on your roofs might have come to an end, but energy is still expensive and there are ways of cutting the bills and reducing your carbon footprint into the bargain.

(Top print: 23 August)
Annual Machinery Review
A detailed review of the latest machinery on offer to increase the efficiency of stonemasonry companies, including a preview of the developments that will be on show at this year's Marmo+Mac stone exhibition, which will hopefully will take place at the fair ground in Verona this year.

(To print: 23 September)
Materials handling
A concerted effort by the Health & Safety Executive in conjunction with a lot more automation in the industry has made stone working safer. If it is to continue to attract people to its quarries, factories and workshops, as well as avoiding the now hefty penalties for a breach of the rules, it will have to stay that way.
Diamond tooling
Efficient processing of natural and engineered stone relies on the skills of the diamond tooling companies.
Power Tools
Flex, Makita, Bosch and more.

(To print: 22 October)
Water management
Better ways to re-use water without compromising quality or wearing out your machinery.
With a better understanding of the processes of stone decay and weathering, stone cleaning has become more scientific, less intrusive and more effective at producing the desired results.

(To print: 22 November)
Looking after the built environment is still an important part of the heritage industry, which uses a lot of traditional stonemasonry skills. It is a sensitive area of stone use that often helps British stone producers. And most would agree that our built heritage is worth hanging on to.
Whether or not housebuilding can get back on to an even keel, many British quarries are still finding a demand for their one-tonne bags of walling for the houses that are being built.

Please note: While it is our intention to adhere to the above programme of features in Natural Stone Specialist, if circumstances dictate, the programme might change without notice.

Advertising contact:
Anna Gibiino
[email protected]
Direct line: 0115 945 3897

Editorial contact
Eric Bignell
[email protected]
Direct line: 0115 945 3898

Natural Stone Specialist is published by QMJ Group Ltd, 7 Regent Street, Nottingham NG1 5BS.

  • Natural Stone Specialist also carries reports of stone projects and companies, as well as news and views from the industry.
  • Natural Stone Specialist is the UK’s only monthly magazine dedicated solely to the stone industry in the UK and Ireland.


Natural Stone Specialist is published by QMJ Group Ltd, 7 Regent Street, Nottingham NG1 5BS