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Online community continues to grow:

  • In the year to 31 December 2018, the website received 203,608 visits, up 64.49% on 2017. The number of unique visitors was up 71% compared with 2017 while the number of page views shot up to 337,963 (figures from Google Analytics).

  • The Natural Stone Bulletin ended the year with 32,792 subscribers, more than 20% up on a year earlier. Each emailed Bulletin is typically opened between 7,000 and 10,000 times by architects, designers, developers, main contractors and stone specialists, making this a particularly productive place to advertise job vacancies in the stone industry, as well as products and services.
  • If you would like to explore the opportunities for digital advertising, contact Anna on +44 (0)115 945 3897 / [email protected].

There are various online platforms to communicate your marketing message:

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Topics being featured in Natural Stone Specialist magazine in 2020:

To print 20 January
Hard landscaping 
The hard landscaping of choice is still natural stone, imported and indigenous. We look at the market for natural and engineered stone in this sector and some of the projects where the products have been used.

Stone Industry websites
Remember when we had to dial up the internet through a modem and Natural Stone Specialist employed ‘The Secret Surfer’ to review the nascent sites of stone companies? We thought we would revisit some of the sites to see how they have evolved over the years. 

To print 24 February
Flooring and underfloor heating
Natural and engineered stone floors and stairs are often signature features of buildings, both historical and new build. We take a look at how this traditional feature is adapting and developing to modern architecture and the latest developments in underfloor heating that have transformed the nature of stone and raised its profile in contemporary construction.

To print 23 March
Porcelain, ceramics, sintered stone and quartz
The new generation of large format products have required stone fabricators to re-think what they thought they knew about their trade, but the stone and industrial looks of the products continue to create a demand pull for them that shows no sign of abating.

To print 20 April
Developments in glues, sealants, colour enhancers, cleaners, polishing pads and all those other products that the industry cannot live without.

We might still be waiting to see the 300 new dwellings a year the government promised, but builders continue to create a significant demand for indigenous stone for walling, granite and quartz for kitchens, and tiles for bathroom walls and floors.

To print 25 May
Last year saw a double spike in mortality, one in the winter, as usual, and one, albeit smaller, in July as the UK recorded a new record high temperature of 38.7ºC. Could this be a trend?   

The colleges and other trainers are being called upon to help alleviate skills shortages and provide the training and assessment of the new Trailblazer apprenticeships. We look at the opportunities available to train in the various aspects of the stone industry.

To printer 22 June
Stone importers once piled it high and sold it… not exactly cheap but at the right price. Wholesalers still have a part to play in the stone supply chain, but it is more proactively involved in creating demand these days and supply stone along with a project to stonemasons and fabricators. 

Digital Templating
More processing power, better mobile phone and wifi coverage, faster computers, more sophisticated CNC machinery all combine to make digital templating just about essential. We review the latest developments making the machines ever easier to use and incorporate into the Industry 4.0 factory.

To printer 24 August
Annual Equipment Review
This will be the first Marmo+Mac stone exhibition in Verona, Italy, since the UK has left the European Union. Has the departure affected stone machinery sales? Have there been import tariffs? Is there more machinery coming to the UK from outside the EU? Or is it business as usual. We should have some answers by now.

To printer 21 September          
Materials Handling 
Manual handling is inefficient, as well as being dangerous. Automating it and using the great variety of mechanical aids available reduces injuries and ill health, damage to products and delay. And the equipment is not even particularly expensive.

Diamond Tooling
The latest moves towards the holy grail of faster, better tools with a longer life that also prolong the lives of the machines using them.

To printer 23 October
Stone Cleaning 
With a better understanding of the processes of stone decay and weathering, stone cleaning has become more scientific, less intrusive and more effective at producing the desired results.

Water Treatment
The stone industry uses a lot of water – even more since it started processing harder porcelains and sintered stones. It is one of an environmentally sustainable industry’s biggest environmental impacts. But it is being tackled and more efficient water recycling systems are being installed all the time.

Natural Stone Awards 
A supplement featuring the projects honoured in the two-yearly Natural Stone Awards presented by Stone Federation Great Britain.

British Stone
Has Brexit been as good for the indigenous stone industry as some predicted it would be? NSS talks to some of the producers about their first year outside the EU.

  • Natural Stone Specialist also carries reports of stone projects and companies, as well as news and views from the industry.
  • Natural Stone Specialist is the UK’s only monthly magazine dedicated solely to the stone industry in the UK and Ireland.
  • Please note: While it is our intention to adhere to the above programme of features in Natural Stone Specialist, if circumstances dictate, the programme might change without notice.

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