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America increases tariffs on Chinese quartz to 314%

21 November 2018

US tariffs on Chinese quartz seem to be taking effect.

Tariffs of up to 178.45% imposed by America on Chinese quartz imports (read more about that here) seem to be taking their toll. In September, imports were 30% down on their August all-time high of 1,198,449m2, although they were 56.2% up on September 2017.

This month (November) it was announced that the tariffs on quartz will go as high as 314% as a result of those imposed by the Trump administration on a whole host of Chinese imports and a dumping petition by US quartz manufacturer Cambria. 

And those Americans who have been importing Chinese quartz ahead of the anticipated increases in tariffs announced this month could be in for a shock because the US Department of Commerce is considering making them retrospective back to the August peak.


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