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Matt English

Matt English, who manages Pisani Wholesale near Matlock in Derbyshire: "It’s not all roses. I don’t think it is for any wholesaler out there. But we’re happy with the position we have.”

Pisani left London following the closure of its Feltham headquarters in 2017 but the name lives on. It is now Pisani Wholesale, based at the same premises used by Pisani for...
Robert Merry

Robert Merry, MCIOB, is an independent Stone Consultant. He ran his own stone company for 17 years before becoming first an independent project manager and now a consultant. He is also an expert witness in disputes regarding stone and stone contracts. 0207 502 6353 / 07771 997621. [email protected]


29 July 2019 | Market Intelligence
Robert Merry is an independent stone consultant and expert witness in disputes. He ran his own company for 17 years before becoming first an independent project manager and now a consultant.DCW 2019...
The Devil's Menu

Chef John Whelan with his Dekton Trilium island, the centrepiece of The Devil's Menu.

John Whelan, the chef who owns and runs The Devil’s Menu boutique cookery school in Kilkenny, Ireland, has chosen Cosentino’s Dekton ultra-compact surface for his kitchen worktops....
MGLW Rogerio

Rogerio Moutinho in the MGLW warehouse in London where a new inspirational showroom is being designed by two young Italian architects. A new website is also being designed incorporating customer relationship management (CRM) software.

More than anything else, MGLW aims to be the source of inspiration when it comes to choosing natural or engineered stone. For more than 25 years MGLW has been supplying stone to the London...
Video still

StoneSafe proprietor Anton Matthews maintains there is an error in the new British Standard for memorials (BS 8415) and has made a video showing how easy it is to push a memorial over when what he believes are the correct test conditions are used. The video (below) begins with two people trying to pull 150kg on The Blast Shop Stand at the NAMM Tradex exhibition this year. They could not do it.

26 July 2019 | Natural Stone Memorials
The British Standard for lawn memorials, BS 8415, was reviewed and amended last year. Among the changes were the requirements for testing memorial safety systems that stop headstones from falling...
The Diver

This larger version of 'The Diver' produced by stoneCIRCLE for sculptor Samantha Thornton is now in a chateau in France. It is Portland limestone on a plinth of Irish Blue limestone.

26 July 2019 | Stone Projects
Sculptor Samantha Thornton was commissioned to convert one of her existing stone sculptures, 'The Diver', originally in Ancaster Weatherbed, into a larger version for a French chateau. The...
Barbour June

Construction orders were up again in June and less dominated by London.

25 July 2019 | Market Intelligence
There were £5.2billion-worth of construction contracts awarded in the three months to June, an increase of 5.5% on the three months to May. Regional analysis shows the North West led the way...
Serpentine Pavilion

This year's Serpentine Pavilion with its 61tonnes of loose-laid Honister Slate.

Photo: Paul Slade 

25 July 2019 | Stone Projects
Honister Slate Mine in The Lake District has supplied 61 tonnes of Westmorland green riven by-product for this year’s  temporary pavilion on the Serpentine Gallery’s lawn in...
dirty loo

A picture of the site toilet taken by the HSE Inspector.

Failing to provide warm water in a site toilet that was not kept clean cost a company in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, an £8,000 fine plus £1,814.90 costs when it appeared before...
Bath Stone

Bath Stone being cut from a face at Hartham Park underground quarry. Bath Stone has this month (on 19 July) been designated as a Global Heritage Stone Resource.

23 July 2019 | Market Intelligence
Bath Stone, one of England’s famous limestones, and marble from Makrana in Rajasthan used to build the Taj Mahal are among the latest seven stones to be designated as Global Heritage Stone...

In Ireland, dry stone walling has been classified as one of the country's Intangible Cultural Heritages.

20 July 2019 | Market Intelligence
The Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland has received news from the Department of Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht that an application it made to have dry stone walling recognised as an...
crashed staircase

A man's leg was crushed beneath the 1.7tonne staircase when it fell. The leg had to be amputated just below the groin.

An installer has had his leg amputated just below the groin after a section of staircase weighing 1.7 tonnes fell on him when the fabric slings being used to lift it into position failed.As a result...

Caesarstone's White Attica, one of nine finishes chosen by Bloor Homes for kitchen upgrade offers in 3,000 new builds in the next 12 months.

Caesarstone has been chosen by Bloor Homes as the exclusive kitchen worktop upgrade supplier for more than 3,000 new builds to be completed in the next 12 months.But Caesarstone is not saying how the...
silica killer

Respirable crystalline silica is a slow, long-term killer. The HSE is trying to stop workers being exposed to it.

A company told by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to stop exposing its workers to respirable crystalline silica when they sawed flagstones but continued to do so has been fined £20,000...
lime at the Traditional Building Festival

Will Napier and Fionn Blench will explain the ingredients of traditional plaster and give a practical demonstration of how it should be applied as part of the Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival 19-22 August.

10 July 2019 | Events
Stone Federation Great Britain is back at the 7th annual Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival 19-22 August as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.Sponsored by the Construction Industry Training...