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The latest news from the Stone Industry

HAVS wearable warning

The Feraru Dynamics HAV Sentry Glove is being a live trial for its effectiveness in monitoring for hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) on the £60million citywide Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) programme in Coventry.

22 April 2020 | Equipment
CityFibre and its construction partner Callan Connect are giving a new British-made wearable internet-connected technology its first live test on a construction site – and it could help prevent...
Longfloor IntegraCure

Longcliffe Quarries has developed Longfloor IntegraCure – a screed with an integral curer.

18 April 2020 | Equipment
Limestone company Longcliffe says it has developed what it describes as a game-changing development in the way liquid screeds are applied.In conjunction with one of its global additive partners it...
Thibaut and On Point

Jacques Thibaut (left), who heads his family stone machinery manufacturing company, and Bruno Machado, who heads Thibaut's UK agent, On Point Engineering. 

18 February 2020 | Equipment
THIBAUT invites you to its Open Days on 27 and 28 March at its headquarters in Castres, France French stone machinery company Thibaut extends an invitation to join it at open days...
Tyrolit for natural and engineered stone

Tyrolit's HS-3 CNC tools previewed at Marmo+Mac in Verona are being officially launched globally at StonExpo in Las Vegas, USA, this month (28 to 30 January).

14 January 2020 | Equipment
Tyrolit's series of HS-3 CNC tools previewed at Marmo+Mac in Verona in September are being officially launched globally at StonExpo in Las Vegas, USA, this month (28 to 30 January).The HS-3 range...
Italmecc from D Zambelis

One of the ItalMecc water recyclign systems from D Zambelis.

10 January 2020 | Equipment
Natural stone is a particularly environmentally friendly building product, although it is greener still when appropriate measures are taken by companies processing it to manage water use by recycling...
BV Diamond

Laura Carney with her husband and B.V. Diamond Sales Engineer Paul.

5 January 2020 | Equipment
It is not so many years ago that the few stone companies actually using diamond tools locked them away at night because they were so valuable. B.V. Diamond is one of the companies that changed that...
Stone Equipment International

Following the agreement between Italian manufacturers Ferrari & Cigarini and UK company Stone Equipment International, pictured together are (left to right) Laura Salluzzo (F&G sales assistant), Andy Bell (Director of Stone Equipment International), Rosi Francesco (F&C Area Sales Manager UK and Ireland) and Riccardo Pieroni (F&C Sales Director).

28 November 2019 | Equipment
Italian company Ferrari & Cigarini has been selling machinery for more than 50 years but it has tended to be on the tile side of the industry. With stone fabricators now taking more of an...
25 November 2019 | Equipment
Adhesives, grouts, sealers, colour enhancers and the various other consumables used with stone continue to evolve. Here, some of the suppliers talk about their latest developments.Kerakoll’s...
Colour coded

Saw blades from Zambelis are now colour coded so it is easier to identify the one you need for the material you are using.

7 November 2019 | Equipment
Dimitri Zambelis, who gives his name to the machinery, tools and consumables supplier D Zambelis in Essex, used to work in the marble industry. That gives him an advantage when it comes to selecting...
Dry Jet dust extraction

Ceragioli Carlo dust control systems are now available from New Stone Age.

7 November 2019 | Equipment
Machinery and equipment supplier New Stone Age has responded to requests from its customers for dust extraction solutions with a new collaboration with Ceragioli Carlo & C as the company’s...
Diamond tools

D Zambelis has started colour coding its blades to indicate their use. They are (left to right): Stellar, for natural quartzites and engineered quartz; Sapphire, for clean, single pass cutting of granite on saws with motors under 12hp the motor life; Platinum, an everyday blade for granite and engineered stone on saws above 12hp; Emerald, for marble and limestone; Rosso, for all synthetic sintered stones (Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith and the rest) and Porcelain. 

16 October 2019 | Equipment
The makers of ultra-compact engineered stones and ceramics have successfully created a demand for their products but it has left stone processors in the KBB sector struggling to find ways to...

A new website for trade in used machinery.

15 October 2019 | Equipment
Stone Equipment International (National Masonry), which has created a significant business for itself in refurbished machinery sales as well as selling new Marmo Meccanica edge polishers and Emmedue...

The cut is essentially achieved thanks to the exposed diamonds on the edge of the blade slicing through the stone.

8 October 2019 | Equipment
by Stonegate Precision Tooling  It's important to pick the right blade for the material you are cutting to ensure your blade can match the strength of the stone. Choosing the wrong blade can...
Laser cleaning

This is the Andritz Powerlase Vulcan 500c back-of-a-van laser cleaning system. Is this the future of stone cleaning?

5 October 2019 | Equipment
From superheated water at 150ºC to dry ice at -79ºC and from baking powder to lasers – they are all used for cleaning stone. Natural Stone Specialist magazine spoke to companies...
New premises

The new headquarters of D Zambelis with the Zambelis family and staff in front.

1 October 2019 | Equipment
Leading machinery, tools and consumables supplier D Zambelis has moved into new, larger premises in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, to give itself more room to continue its growth.  And it looks...