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The latest news from the Stone Industry

Brexit and natural stone

Should they stay or should they go?

15 January 2020 | Legislation / Standards
It probably has not escaped your notice that the UK is leaving the European Union on 31 January. A lot of stone companies in the UK employ people from other parts of Europe. Some have already left...
Reverse charge VAT delayed

Reverse charge VAT, which will make contractors responsible for handling VAT and hit the cash flow of subbies, has been put off for a year until October 2020.

6 September 2019 | Legislation / Standards
Once again, the inability of the construction industry to prepare for a change in taxation has seen the implementation delayed.HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has put off the implementation of...
New standard for stone

Stone Federation has backed (with some reservations) BSI plans to create an ISO committee combining standards for natural and engineered stone.

29 August 2019 | Legislation / Standards
Stone Federation Great Britain is supporting - with some reservations - a proposal by British Standards Institution to create one International Standard technical committee covering both natural and...
VAT changes seminar

Find out about VAT changes from 1 October that will almost certainly worsen your cash flow. Sign up for the Reverse Charge seminar on 17 July just off J25 of the M1 at Nottingham.

27 June 2019 | Legislation / Standards
email [email protected] 1 October the VAT rules change so that most contractors will stop paying the VAT element of their sub-contractors’ bills. But subbies will still have to...
Russell Scanlan

Andrew Jenkins, Operations Director of Russell Scanlan, reminds companies they face fines of 2-4% of turnover if they do not comply with last year's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The days of warnings are over and companies are now being prosecuted. 

3 June 2019 | Legislation / Standards
A year on from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires companies to obtain permission in order to hold details of customers and potential customers on their...

The House of Lords Science & Technology Committee wants your views on offsite manufacturing in construction and you have until 26 April to give them.

29 March 2018 | Legislation / Standards
Parliament believes the UK construction industry is not improving productivity as much as it should be, so the House of Lords Science & Technology Committee is looking into it.It has set up an...

There is plenty of building going on but specialist contractors are fed up with not being paid for their contributions.

2 January 2018 | Legislation / Standards
Stone Federation Great Britain is one of more than 20 trade bodies that have signed a letter to the Government calling for a change in the way retentions are handled.The letter was sent in response...
New Code of Practice for worktops

The new Natural Stone Counter Tops Code of Practice is now available.

13 September 2016 | Legislation / Standards
Stone Federation Great Britain has published an update of its Natural Stone Counter Tops Code of Practice.It is an important resource for those who supply, install or advise on natural stone counter...

If you do not change to more secure BACS you will not be able to use BACS to transfer money.

10 June 2016 | Legislation / Standards
Implementation of the SHA-256-SSL BACS certification scheme that was due to take effect on 13 June has been delayed until 19 September because too many firms were not ready for it.If you use BACS to...

BRE is introducing a new standard to combat slavery.

1 June 2016 | Legislation / Standards
With a lot of India's bonded labour, some of it children, employed in quarrying and processing natural stone, and penal labour in China being used for stone processing, the stone industry is in...

Red tape is costing SMEs more than £14,000 a year.

26 May 2016 | Legislation / Standards
The directors of smaller firms (SMEs) spend more time battling red tape than they do satisfying customers and creating new business. That is one of the findings of a survey by the Federation of Small...
Modern Slavery

Do you really not care?

1 April 2016 | Legislation / Standards
The UK's Modern Slavery Act came into force this month (April). It requires larger companies to include a report in their annual statements saying what they are doing to identify and eradicate...
1 April 2016 | Legislation / Standards
Just what we need – being declared bankrupt is getting cheaper and easier, thanks to the internet.Cheaper and speedier online applications for bankruptcy are being introduced this month (April...
15 December 2015 | Legislation / Standards
Newry Crown Court in Northern Ireland is nearing the conclusion of a murder trial in which stonemason Leslie Ross is accused of murdering two women said to have been his lovers.The jury for the case...
The private sector has not compensated for a lack of housebuilding in the public sector.
10 December 2015 | Legislation / Standards
A significant part of the demand for stone in housing comes from the repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) sector. Even quite modest stone houses contribute to the geological and historical...