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The latest news from the Stone Industry

SPAB’s scholars on the conservation trail this year are (left to right) Lilian Main, Aoife Murphy and Kristian Foster.

25 April 2017 | Training
Kristian Foster, architect, Aoife Murphy, structural engineer, and Lilian Main, architect, are this year’s SPAB Leatherby Scholars.They have already toured Canterbury Cathedral, the atmospheric...
Toby Brook

Toby Brook (above), who works for Wells Cathedral Stonemasons and trains at Bath College, and Archie Stoke-Faiers (below), who trained at Weymouth College and is now self-employed, will find out on 28 April which one of them will represent UK stonemasonry at WorldSkills in Abu Dhabi this October.

10 April 2017 | Training
Young stonemasons Archie Stoke-Faiers and Toby Brook and tilers Kieran Magee and Armondas Tamulis will find out on 28 April which of them will be off to Abu Dhabi in October as part of Team UK at...
Mark Priestman

Mark Priestman: Training Assessor of the Year.

17 March 2017 | Training
Congratulations to the Natural Stone Specialist magazine columnist Mark Priestman: he has been awarded CITB’s National Specialist Accredited Centre (NASC) 'Assessor of the Year'.Mark, a...
CITB fraud

CITB evidence has helped put CSCS card fraudsters in prison.

7 March 2017 | Training
It’s been a busy winter for the CITB Fraud Team in the fight against illegal activities in the construction industry.Fraud Investigator Ian Sidney has assisted in police cases that have led to...
Mark Priestman

Mark Priestman explains the changes to the Labourer Card.

30 January 2017 | Training
Mark Priestman has more than 20 years’ experience in the natural stone sector. He plays an active role in the development and delivery of training in this specialist environment. Along with his...
Carving course
8 December 2016 | Training
Emma Dexter, a stonemasonry lecturer at Moulton College in Northamptonshire, is running a grotesque / mythical creature stone carving course before Christmas, having received funding from the...
Christian Sullivan

Christian Sullivan has ended his apprenticeship at Salisbury Cathedral by fixing the final finial, which he had carved, of the latest stage of restoration work.

15 November 2016 | Training
Stonemason Christian Sullivan marked the end of his four-year apprenticeship at Salisbury Cathedral by fixing the last stone on the latest phase of the Major Repair Programme (MRP) to be completed....
Lettering Arts

The pictures here, in order starting from the one above, show:

1.    Jak Blackman, 2014 graduate. ‘Okra’ lettering design made for the exhibition. Slate.

2.    Sam Flintham, 2015 graduate. Copy of ‘Klytius’, from a plaster cast in the Art School collection from the Hellenistic Pergamum Frieze, Pergamum Museum, Berlin. Lavoux limestone.

3.    Rob Hiley, 2013 graduate. ‘Eastcourt Sans’ inscription with original letterform design. York stone.

4.    Zoe Barnett, 2016 graduate. Baroque style cartouche from her own design. Lavoux limestone.

5. Ayako Furuno, 2015 graduate. ‘Footprints’ ornamental triptych with lettering. Caithness stone.

6. Adam Innes, 2016 graduate. Copy of the portrait bust of Pietro Mellini by Maiano from a plaster cast in the Art School collection. Mocha Crème limestone.

20 October 2016 | Training
Two centres of excellence in artistic stonework have come together to present an exhibition called ‘Making It’, on now and lasting until 6 November.The exhibition is being staged by the...

Apply now for CITB grants. Deadline 14 November.

19 October 2016 | Training
Among various training funding opportunities the CITB’s Flexible Fund, Skills & Training, exists specifically to support micro and small employers with the cost of skills and training...
Mark Priestman

Mark Priestman.

1 October 2016 | Training
Mark Priestman has more than 20 years’ experience in the natural stone sector. He plays an active role in the development and delivery of training in this specialist environment. Along with his...

Ian Major and Michelle Turner, who are leading the proposal for a stone industry Trailblazer apprenticeship. It has now been accepted that the stone industry will produce its own Trailblazer. It proposes streams for banker, interior and exterior fixer, memorial mason, stone carving, draughtsman, facade preservation and heritage craftsman.

14 September 2016 | Training
A proposal by the stone industry to produce its own Trailblazer apprenticeship has been given the go-ahead by BIS (the government's Department for Business, Innovation & Skills) following the...

Ian Major and Michelle Turner were flummoxed when they discovered Specsavers had made a proposal for a stone apprenticeship, although all is now becoming clear. They hope the government Department for Business, Innovation & Skills will accept the stone industry's proposal for its own Trailblazer apprenticeship.

6 September 2016 | Training
It is starting to become clear how Specsavers has ended up behind a proposal for a Trailblazer apprenticeship for the stone industry (see New Trailblazer apprenticeships hit an unexpected snag)....

The strange case of the missing apprenticeships.

2 September 2016 | Training
The government has been accused of making up its proposals for changing apprenticeships to new Trailblazers as it goes along, but the latest developments in the stone industry are bizarre.At a...
Moulton lettercutting

Keeping alive traditional lettercutting skills at Moulton College.

21 August 2016 | Training
As the new academic year approaches, Emma Dexter, who now lectures in stonemasonry at Moulton College, Northamptonshire, would like to point out that the college has secured £50,000 funding...

Firms with a wages bill of more than £3million will have to pay two training levies next year.

23 June 2016 | Training
Training body CITB and the Government Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) have come to an agreement that will see qualifying firms paying two training levies next year.A levy for...