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The latest news from the Stone Industry

LPE Group

LPE Group Directors Carl Sharkey (left) and Simon Bradbury.

8 April 2015 | Equipment
Comandulli, the Italian marque best known in the UK for edge polishers (although the company also makes saws), is now available exclusively in Britain from Comandulli UK, which joins Breton, Laser...
Sales of Flex grew by another 50% in the UK last year as more masons discover their benefits.
4 March 2015 | Equipment
Whether you are in the workshop or onsite, grinding with water using the new LE 12-3 100 or dry with the SE 14-2 125, Flex gives you the tools to get the job done. Add a VCE35 extractor with an...
Floors protected by Fila at Britain's greenest motorway service station.

Floors protected by Fila at Britain's greenest motorway service station.

21 January 2015 | Equipment
Two Fila floor protection systems have been chosen to protect floor surfaces at Gloucester Services – a new family-run motorway services dedicated to local food, farming and community.Near the...
The new Pavetuf Jointing Compound from Natural Paving Products.
21 January 2015 | Equipment
Natural Paving Products (UK) Ltd is expanding its Pavetuf range with a new jointing compound that requires no mixing and because it needs to be laid on wet paving can even be used in wet weather. It...
Cleaned and restored for the next 100 years, thanks to Crosby Memorials’ expertise and Stonehealth’s DOFF technology.
17 October 2014 | Equipment
An important specialism in stone, especially this year as we mark the centenary of the start of World War I, is the restoration of war memorials – there are estimated to be more than 100,000 of...
Restorative Technique’s office team is (left to right): Aysha-Marie Davis, Office Manager Penny Love, Julia Fairchild, Sue Bilney and Jamie Fairchild.
17 October 2014 | Equipment
The Old Church at Clophill, Bedfordshire, that had become a centre of Satanism has had its reputation restored with a gentle VorTech clean.What’s known as the old church in Clophill,...
Tensid's Torik superheaterd water and steam cleaner.
17 October 2014 | Equipment
Sales of Tensid’s Torik superheated water stone cleaning system have “gone absolutely bonkers” since the new version was featured in this magazine last year, says Tensid’s...
Lithofin cleaning products for interior and exterior stonework.
17 October 2014 | Equipment
With more than 80 products covering the whole range of stone and ceramic treatment and care it can be difficult to know which one to choose for any particular problem you might be facing. The...
Processing is being made more complictaed with the introduction of new kinds of engineered stone.
17 October 2014 | Equipment
With a whole new generation of engineered stones that require a different set of tools to work, life is becoming complicated for processors.For a live demonstration of diamond tools made specifically...
The Terzago agenmcy has been good for Zambelis.
18 September 2014 | Equipment
Anyone buying a Terzago saw or CMG edge polisher from UK agent D Zambelis at the Marmomacc stone exhibition in Verona next month, or after the exhibition until Christmas, will receive an extra 6%...
The Prodim Proliner used by the stone industry.
18 September 2014 | Equipment
Prodim, represented by Waters Group in the UK, is best known in the stone industry for the Proliner 7CS digital templater, but it also makes a range of digital 2D and 3D measuring devices and...
From Waters Group, the full range of Thibaut machinery.
18 September 2014 | Equipment
Waters Group is the UK and Ireland distributor for Thibaut machinery and Montresor edge polishers. More recently it has taken on the distribution of Flow waterjet cutters to the stone sector and in...
The new Emmedue Fusion from National Masonry.
18 September 2014 | Equipment
There has been some restructuring at National Masonry that has seen it take on the agency for Emmedue, while retaining MarmoMeccanica edge polishers and saws. Both companies will be exhibiting at...
The latest from Wells is this Multi-Chisel.
18 September 2014 | Equipment
The British manufacturer of saws, croppers and tumblers, Wells Wellcut, had looked abroad for sales during the economic downturn but is now so busy again it has cancelled all export orders so it can...
Lasers Products Europe now has a corporate image as the LPE Group.
18 September 2014 | Equipment
Italian machinery company Breton is taking an even bigger stand at Marmomacc this year in order to show all its latest ranges, including wire saws from Bideseimpianti, which it took over in 2011....