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The latest news from the Stone Industry

 Paul Ryan (right), the Managing Director of Stone Developments, and Brendon Costello, the Operations Director.
28 January 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Stone Developments has re-focused its business on selling the limestone from its quarries for hard landscaping, for interiors and for building. Now it is expanding on the international market...
Slate makes the ideal roofing material but is also a great all round building material.
28 January 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Barry Hunt concludes the review of slate as a building material that he began in last month’s edition of Natural Stone Specialist. This time he considers the physical properties of slate that...
Mandale Fossil made into a bar top by Natural Stone Sales.
9 December 2013 | Stones / Quarries
Mandale Carboniferous limestone, with its 365million-year-old fossils of sharks teeth, crinoids, brachiopods and corals, is one of the UK’s distinctive regional stones. NSS visited the company...
Splitting slate by hand along its natural cleavage planes is still the most efficient way of making roofing slate.
9 December 2013 | Stones / Quarries
Barry Hunt continues his examination of building stones by turning his attention to slate. Although it is considered synonymous with roofing, it is supremely versatile and is used for just about...
This is DeLank Quarry, one of the few granite quarries in the UK that is still working.
20 November 2013 | Stones / Quarries
Barry Hunt continues the examination of granite that he started in the October issue of NSS. Granite is dense, hard and strong, which makes it an ideal material for everything from plinths protecting...
London’s oldest structure is Cleopatra’s Needle, created from pink granite in 1475 BC.
15 October 2013 | Stones / Quarries
Barry Hunt turns his focus this month on granite, the hardest of the stone groups. Once shunned by masons because of the difficulty of working it, it has been transformed by CNC machinery, diamond...
The Harvey quarry on Ham Hill and a skeleton found in the archaeological dig in what will now be the quarry extension.

The Harveys' Norton Quarry on Ham Hill. A two-year archaeological dig on land that the quarry will be extended into has uncovered Iron Age remains, like the skeleton above.

15 October 2013 | Stones / Quarries
An extensive three-year archaeological dig at Ham Hill is now coming to an end, leaving the way clear for the Harvey partnership to extend its quarry and secure supplies of the stone for the next 50...
Welsh Slate's new pump that is saving it £125,000 a year in operating costs and 373tonnes of carbon emissions.
20 September 2013 | Stones / Quarries
An overhaul of the pumping system at its main quarry has seen leading UK slate manufacturer Welsh Slate achieve a hat-trick of benefits through increased production and reductions in not only its...
A Silestone worktop made in Europe. It could be endangered. European quartz producers say Chinese competition could wipe them out.
17 September 2013 | Stones / Quarries
European engineered quartz manufacturers are shouting 'foul' over competition from China. The European Agglomerated Stone Association (AStA), which represents Europe's leading quartz...
An installation by Chesney's where the stiars seem to be unsurported in front of a window.
17 September 2013 | Stones / Quarries
There can be a fine line between ostentation and good taste. NSS talks to some of the people involved in drawing that line about how their use of stone keeps them on the right side of it.Stone is...
In this series Barry Hunt discusses the qualities of stones used for building. This month he turns to marble.
17 September 2013 | Stones / Quarries
This month Barry Hunt turns his attention to a stone that holds an elevated position among the world’s dimensional stones – marble. When people want to make a particular statement, it is...
It is a competitive market for stone wholeslers with more companies entering the market.
15 August 2013 | Stones / Quarries
Engineered quartz has given stone processors and the wholesalers that supply them twice the share of the kitchen worktop market that granite alone could have delivered. But we could already have...
No1 Poultry in the City of London has a most striking use of sandstone in its design.
15 August 2013 | Stones / Quarries
Barry Hunt began his review of how sandstone is used in construction last month. This month he concludes the investigation. He begins where he left off last time, explaining why sandstone makes an...
Barry Hunt authoritatively explores the nature of the stones used for building.
16 July 2013 | Stones / Quarries
Barry Hunt continues his series of articles exploring the main categories of natural stone used in construction by turning his attention to sandstone, possibly the stone most easily understood by the...
Stone and art in the new Melbury Stone showroom.
16 July 2013 | Stones / Quarries
Three latin words have been attractively ‘V’ cut into the stone over the entrance to the showroom that has just been opened by Melbury Stone in Melbury Abbas, Dorset. They translate as: I...