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The latest news from the Stone Industry

The author, Barry Hunt, surveying the Portland stone of the Bank of England.
16 September 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Having examined the broad categories of building stones from around the world, consultant geologist Barry Hunt now turns his attention to the great building stones of the British Isles, beginning...
Caesarstone’s Pietra Grey has the elegant look of marble.
16 September 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Comprised from 93% natural stone, Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces are virtually scratch and stain resistant, require no sealing and are twice the strength of granite. They are also non-porous and come...
Lifecycle costs on 14.7 square metres over 50 years. Source: EuroRoc

Lifecycle costs over 50 years. Source: EuroRoc

16 September 2014 | Stones / Quarries
The Frankfurt Opera Tower, with its natural stone facades, was one of the first buildings in Europe to achieve Gold Status in the LEED rating system of the US Green Building Council.It has prompted...
Thew new Wellcut at Glebe Stone Sales is sawing slabs of Ancaster Hard White for walling.

The new Wellcut at Glebe Stone Sales is sawing slabs of Ancaster Hard White for walling.

16 September 2014 | Stones / Quarries
A new Wells Wellcut, as well as a cropper and a tumbler from the same British machinery manufacturer, have been installed in Glebe Quarry, Lincolnshire, ready to meet the demand for walling in...
Chris Pepper talks about trends.
16 September 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Chris Pepper, Marketing & Business Development Manager for CR Laurence, the UK home of Caesarstone, highlights the latest trends in quartz surfaces.What are the latest trends in laminates, solid...
Coade Stone

Philip Thomason of Thomason Cudworth in Somerset checking on the firing of the Coade Stone he makes.

16 September 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Since Eleanor Coade introduced Coade Stone in 1770 people have been trying to copy the natural attraction of stone. Engineered quartz has expanded the stone processor’s palette, mostly in...
Snowflake, one of the new stones available exclusively from wholesaler International Stones.
16 September 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Pictured on the right and on the cover of this issue of NSS is a new stone called ‘Snowflakes’ that is supplied in the UK by International Stones – and only International Stones,...
York stone has been used for paving all over the country… but what exactly is it? Barry Hunt searches for an answer.
16 September 2014 | Stones / Quarries
‘Yorkstone’ is probably one of the widest known and used stones, especially for paving. But trying to define Yorkstone turns out to be more difficult than you might imagine, as Barry Hunt...
The British Library and St Pancras railway station beyond look like brick, but look closer and you will see a lot of British stone.
8 August 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Last month, Barry Hunt began a series looking at some of the building stones of the British Isles that have been used over the centuries and continue to be used today to maintain and expand the built...
Hanson Bath & Portland extracting Box Ground Bath stone.
16 May 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Hanson Bath & Portland, Avon Mill Lane, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2UG. Tel: 0117 986 & Portland Stone is one of the oldest suppliers of natural limestone and...
The curling stones used at the Winter Olympics came from Kays of Scotland. Photo: World Curling Federation / Richard Gray
24 April 2014 | Stones / Quarries
At the Winter Olympics in Sochi this year the UK men’s curling team won a Silver Medal and the women and Paralympics teams both won a Bronze. Helping them to their victories were the stones...
24 April 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Granite, marble and other stone surfaces have a deep grained natural beauty. Unfortunately, the very qualities which make natural stone desirable also make it quite challenging to machine and finish...
12mm Lapitec with a 350mm unsupported overhang carrying 120kg – an impressive demonstration at EcoBuild.
24 April 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Lapitec is a new generation of product from Breton that can expand the market for stone processors – and it is available now from The Marble & Granite Centre.As the EcoBuild exhibition in...
Green… but maybe not so green.
24 April 2014 | Stones / Quarries
Verde is Italian for green but Verde stone can contain a form of asbestos that leads some to believe the stone is anything but green in the environmentally friendly sense. Barry Hunt continues his...
27 March 2014 | Stones / Quarries
"Reconstituted stone is not natural stone. While it may seek to replicate and reflect natural stone, its different appearance and behaviour becomes increasingly obvious with time, when the...