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Loyd Grossman

Loyd Grossman is to present this year's Natural Stone Awards in London on 7 December. Book your seat now.

29 September 2018 | Events
Loyd Grossman is this year’s high profile guest presenter of Stone Federation Great Britain’s Natural Stone Awards.The Awards are being presented on Friday, 7 December, at The Grange...
The Italian Stone Theatre

Europe's big annual international stone show in Verona, Italy, put more of an emphasis on its own stone industry this year.

28 September 2018 | Events
Europe's big annual international stone show in Verona, Italy, put more of an emphasis on its own stone industry this year.Italy's stone industry is one of the country's major industrial...
Health & Safety Executive is targeting dust on construction sites this month (October).Inspectors will be visiting construction sites across Great Britain to see if businesses have measures in...

Cosentino’s UK Area Director, Paul Gidley, at the Elite Honours event in Raymond Blanc's exclusive two Michelin star restaurant and hotel, Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons

Each year, Cosentino celebrates the Elite among its studios in the UK and Ireland. This year the 18 winners along with their guests were treated to Champagne and canapés and a lavish dinner at...

The USA is imposing tariffs on Chinese quartz following complaints by American manufacturer Cambria, whose products are sold in the UK by Granite Granite.

19 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
The USA has imposed tariffs of 34.38% and 178.45% on Chinese quartz imports, with possibly more to come.Cambria, the US quartz-surface manufacturer whose products are sold in the UK by Granite...

Paul Pitts said using a grinder produces a noise level of about 105dB, which can result in a noticeable loss of hearing after just two years. Here he is demonstrating how effective ear protection can be at reducing the noise exposure level.

The Health & Safety Executive and Stone Federation SHAD this month (September) reminds the industry that the work environment can be a dangerous place and making it safer can be just a question...
David Francis

David Francis writes a column about memorial masonry in Natural Stone Specialist magazine.

17 September 2018 | Natural Stone Memorials
David Francis is a hands-on mason who has specialised for many years on the memorial side of the stone industry. If you have an issue regarding any aspect of memorial masonry, David is happy to help...
modern slavery

If you suspect modern slavery, call the GLAA on 0800 432 0804 or email [email protected].

17 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
People believed to be modern slaves forced to work on building sites have been freed in raids involving more than 100 police and Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) agents.Two Indian men...

Stone Federation Great Britain’s Interiors & Surface Materials Focus Group talks about the interiors market.

16 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
Stone Federation Great Britain’s Interiors & Surface Materials Focus Group is dedicated to the interiors side of the natural stone industry and promoting the use of Federation members for...
Robert Merry

Robert Merry decides he no longer needs the frustrations of project management.

16 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
Robert Merry is an independent stone consultant and, until now, a project manager. He also acts as an expert witness. He ran his own company for 17 years. Project Management... the end...
V&A Museum of Design

The new V&A Museum of Design in Dundee is surrounded by 6,000m2 of granite hard landscaping, including benches, supplied by Hardscape.

Photo: ©HuftonCrow

There is not a lot of natural stone in the fabric of the spectacular new V&A Museum of Design in Dundee, the first project in the UK by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. It is concrete, steel and...
12 September 2018 | Training
The Natural Stone Industry Training Group (NSITG), in conjunction with Stone Federation GB, has a Stone Industry Professional Practice Programme starting on Tuesday 23 October that is substantially...
Cloak of Conscience

Anna Chromy's Cloak of Conscience in its new setting in the USA.

After its tour as a public sculpture in Europe and China, Anna Chromy’s Carrara marble 'Cloak of Conscience', which is a cloak devoid of a person wearing it but taking the form as if...

The original Bioscleave house is on offer for less than $2.5million.

12 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
A house the architects who designed it believed could help its residents live longer has gone on sale at an asking price of $2.459million (yes, it is in America).The architects were from Arakawa...
Geometric Wave Wine Bar

The Geometric Wave Wine Bar in the Italian Stone Theatre at the Marmo+Mac stone exhibition in Verona this month (26-29 September).

12 September 2018 | Events
The Italian Stone Theatre in Hall 1 of the Marmo+Mac stone exhibition in Verona, Italy, this month (26-29 September) has become a regular feature of the show. It displays finished items of stonework...