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The latest news from the Stone Industry

GTools from Ghines that apply state-of-the-art concepts to each diamond application.
18 February 2010 | Equipment
Diamond tools from the Far East have an increasing presence in the catalogues of tool suppliers in the UK and Ireland. Can European producers fight back?Whatever reluctance there might have been...
Andy Bell (left) on National Masonry with Stefano Amagliani of Marmo Meccanica.
8 February 2010 | Equipment
Andy Bell’s National Masonry stone equipment supply company have been given exclusive distribution rights in the UK and Ireland to the Marmo Meccanica range of edge polishers previously sold by...
Derrick Fretwell (seated) with (left to right) Matthew Gilbert, Arran Langford and Paul Coggins.
16 December 2009 | Equipment
With Roccia Machinery taking on the major brands previously sold exclusively in the UK by Pisani, Derek Fretwell’s new company came into being in September as an instantly significant force in...
The new robot being sold by James King's  company, High Technology Machines.
16 December 2009 | Equipment
Another new machinery company, called High Technology Machines, has been set up by James King, formerly with Bavelloni and Harbro, to sell a range including the T&D Robotics’ Lapisystem...
Version Two of the T812.
15 November 2009 | Equipment
This is Version Two of the Thibaut T812 workcentre. It has been scaled down in size and price, but contains all the best features of the original 812 and some changes that many will regard as...
The repackaged product range from Larsen.
14 October 2009 | Equipment
A new fast drying screed called Dry4 and an anhydrite (self-levelling) screed called Flowtherm especially for use with underfloor heating are helping Northern Ireland company Larsen Building Products...
Above. Rob Parker (left) with his brother-in-law Steve Newbury in front of their new Robostone.
17 September 2009 | Equipment
When it comes to the reproduction of lots of masonry all the same – such as dentils or even ornate capitals – machines come into their own. And with the purchase of their Robostone,...
The Enzo 400SN / 500S was designed specifically for the British market.
17 September 2009 | Equipment
Motogen are Italian manufacturers of saws ranging from small tile saws to large bridge saws. They have many standard models readily available – such as the Enzo 400SN / 500S featured here that...
David Gray, owner of Dar Marble & Granite, at his premises in Manchester.
14 August 2009 | Equipment
As Dar Marble & Granite celebrate their 25th anniversary, their production of a Jura limestone floor for the international engineering company Fort Vale using laser scanners and CNC processing...
The Emmedue Astra, sold in the UK by the Waters Group.
19 July 2009 | Equipment
Background: Emmedue have continually developed their range for more than 30 years and the marque is these days found in many UK and Irish workshops. Whether you buy a small portable bench saw or one...
Kasins' 625 bridge saw.
15 June 2009 | Equipment
Finnish machinery manufacturers Kasins have entered the UK market with a range of machines for the memorial and worktop markets in particular. Here they introduce one of the mainstays of their range...
The new Thibaut T508 Texturing Centre.
17 May 2009 | Equipment
Various new finishes have been added to stone lately. Now Thibaut, celebrating their 50th anniversary in stone machinery, have produced a workcentre that enables masons not just to reproduce popular...
Robert Jacobsson showing the ordinary Dell PC in the back of a C3 workcentre.
17 May 2009 | Equipment
NSS visits the factory in Sweden where the ScandInvent CNC workcentres, edge polisher and bridge saw are madeSince ScandInvent first put a tentative foot onto the British Isles in 2006 they have sold...
Schematic diagram for cathodic protection of stone clad steel framed buildings.
17 May 2009 | Equipment
Cathodic protection technology is being increasingly used to control the corrosion of steelwork in masonry clad steel framed buildings. This article by Kate Turnpenny and Jeremy Ingham from Halcrow...
Akemi products are now available from Ebor.
17 May 2009 | Equipment
Whether stone goes up on walls or down as floors and worktops, it needs fixing and finishing, maintaining and sometimes cleaning. NSS looks at some of the latest developments for achieving the...