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The latest news from the Stone Industry

Robert Merry

Robert Merry decides he no longer needs the frustrations of project management.

16 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
Robert Merry is an independent stone consultant and, until now, a project manager. He also acts as an expert witness. He ran his own company for 17 years. Project Management... the end...

The original Bioscleave house is on offer for less than $2.5million.

12 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
A house the architects who designed it believed could help its residents live longer has gone on sale at an asking price of $2.459million (yes, it is in America).The architects were from Arakawa...
Wyndcliffe Court

Grade II* listed Wyndcliffe Court. The owners have been told they have to use natural slate rather than man-made alternatives to re-roof the Arts & Crafts mansion. Photo courtesy of Ruth Sharville / Geograph.

11 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
The owners of the Grade II* listed Arts & Crafts mansion of Wyndcliffe Court in St Arvans, near Chepstow, have been told by the High Court that they have to use natural slate from Delabole in...
10 September 2018 | Market Intelligence
The Internet of things. Fintec. Virtual and augmented reality. Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP). Artifical intelligence (AI). This is the language of the fourth industrial revolution...

In spite of the falling value of sterling, which makes British products more competitive against imports, more building materials are being imported.

29 August 2018 | Market Intelligence
Here's something else for those for and those against Brexit to argue about. Latest figures from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, show how imports of products used...
Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre

The Clipsham limestone facade of the Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre.

26 August 2018 | Market Intelligence
Two of the six projects on the short list of this year's top architectural award, the RIBA Stirling Prize, are major natural stone projects using British stone.The Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre at...
Robert Merry

Robert Merry has been visiting The Hague - and he likes it.

10 August 2018 | Market Intelligence
I have been in The Hague – Den Haag to the locals. The new Supreme Court of the Netherlands there has an interior dominated by marble. Kaan Architecten have used the stone to clad walls and lay...
Cork masons

This footpath in Dublin’s famous Glasnevin cemetery uses Kilkenny flamed limestone, Wicklow granite and Castleisland limestone. Masons in Cork say these and other Irish stones should be used across their country.

8 August 2018 | Market Intelligence
Stonemasons in Cork, Ireland, are stepping up their fight against the use of imported stones by photographing and highlighting cases where imported stones have been used instead of local stones...
stone belts

The building stone belts of the UK.

1 August 2018 | Market Intelligence
Stone Federation Great Britain’s Quarry Forum represents the companies that quarry and mine dimensional stone from the British Isles. Here the Forum talks about issues relating to the selection...

Musculoskeletal problems are still a major cause of lost work days.

30 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
The number of days people are taking off for sickness has almost halved since 1993, when records began, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).The improvement...

In the new NPPF the Government tells planners to recognise the need for minerals and the often small-scale production of building and roofing stone.

25 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
The Mineral Products Association (MPA) has welcomed the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) published on 24 July. They say it recognises that a sufficient supply of minerals is...

The government is pinning its hopes on off-site manufacture to deliver £600billion-worth of new infrastructure in a decade, including 300,000 houses a year.

19 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
Parliament seems to have realised that the construction industry in the UK is not going to be able deliver its ambitious plans for £600billion-worth of infrastructure, including 300,000 houses...

The Cambria stand at KBB this year. While Cambria petitions for an anti-dumping tariff on Chinese quartz, the US plans to add an extra 10% on Chinese stone, quartz and tiles in its escalation of the trade war.

12 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
As US President Trump made his way to the UK for a two-day visit with the government and The Queen before going off to play golf at his course in Scotland, the USA announced plans to introduce an...

The StoneCash buying group has adopted the Phore cryptocurrency to make cross-border transactions easier and cheaper.

12 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
Online stone buying group start up StoneCash, based in Las Vegas, USA, and with offices in London, Italy and Australia, has adopted one of the growing number of cryptocurrencies with the intention of...
French limestone

Now it is protected.

10 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
French dimensional stone is starting to receive the EU geographical identification (GI) protection already extended to food and drink products such as Melton Mowbray pork pies and Champagne.The...