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The latest news from the Stone Industry


The Cambria stand at KBB this year. While Cambria petitions for an anti-dumping tariff on Chinese quartz, the US plans to add an extra 10% on Chinese stone, quartz and tiles in its escalation of the trade war.

12 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
As US President Trump made his way to the UK for a two-day visit with the government and The Queen before going off to play golf at his course in Scotland, the USA announced plans to introduce an...

The StoneCash buying group has adopted the Phore cryptocurrency to make cross-border transactions easier and cheaper.

12 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
Online stone buying group start up StoneCash, based in Las Vegas, USA, and with offices in London, Italy and Australia, has adopted one of the growing number of cryptocurrencies with the intention of...
French limestone

Now it is protected.

10 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
French dimensional stone is starting to receive the EU geographical identification (GI) protection already extended to food and drink products such as Melton Mowbray pork pies and Champagne.The...
Construction output

Construction output showed healthy growth in May.

10 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
Construction output grew 2.9% in May compared with April and 1.6% compared with May a year earlier. This follows a slow start to the year, with the late snow dampening construction output. The...
Kit Malthouse

The new Housing Minister, Kit Malthouse.

10 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
In the Government reshuffle following the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson this week, Christopher (Kit) Laurie Malthouse has been appointed as the new Housing Minister. He is the fourth...
Construction Industry Deal

The Government sets out its proposals to deliver £600billion-worth of projects for construction, including £44billion of housing, in the next decade in the Construction Sector Deal.

6 July 2018 | Market Intelligence
The Government has produced a Policy Paper on construction that it says will deliver £600billion-worth of infrastructure improvements over the next decade, including £44billion-worth of...

Going up. Above inflation pay rise and benefits in construction are intended to offset the loss of overseas labour as a result of Brexit.

25 June 2018 | Market Intelligence
Basic pay rates in construction increase by 3.2% today (25 June) with a further 2.9% increase in June 2019. The rates have been set under the Construction Industry Joint Council Working Rule...
Building in London

In London, 28% of people in construction come from other parts of Europe.

19 June 2018 | Market Intelligence
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has come up with some figures on the impact of labour from overseas on the construction industry in the UK. It says that 35% of workers in London come from...
Rock face

Using British stone.

17 June 2018 | Market Intelligence
Stone Federation Great Britain’s Quarry Forum gives its opinion on issues relating to the stone industry from the point of view of companies that extract dimensional stone from opencast and...
Robert Merry

Robert Merry.

17 June 2018 | Market Intelligence
In the beginning, in the first flush of a new relationship, promises of completion, promises of co-operation and togetherness, in harmony, towards a common goal – the completion of the project...
Cork masons

Cork Masons Historical Society campaigning against the loss of local stone.

17 June 2018 | Market Intelligence
Members of the Cork Masons Historical Society in Ireland marched in May to protest about the proposed replacement of natural local stone in Cork’s historic quay walls with concrete and the use...

Heritage Minister Michael Ellis.

17 June 2018 | Market Intelligence
A new high level Heritage Council announced by Heritage Minister John Glen at the end of last year that was to be chaired by him as Minister, apparently met for the first time in May, although...
small claims online

Small claims are getting easier online.

4 June 2018 | Market Intelligence
Taking action to get paid is getting easier thanks to a new online service from HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS). It can be used to start a claim against anyone in England and Wales and...

Hartham Park Bath Stone, these days supplied by Lovell Stone Group, clads the University of Bristol’s £56.5million Life Sciences building. Bristol University now plans to build a £300million city centre campus that will transform a seven-acre site next to Bristol Temple Meads railway station.

30 May 2018 | Market Intelligence
To those working on fast track projects, the government’s complaint about a lack of productivity in construction might seem harsh. But the government is looking for innovation.The fire at...
London house prices fall

London house prices have fallen for the first time since the crash of 2009.

24 May 2018 | Market Intelligence
Figures just published by the Land Registry show house prices in London fell in March for the first time since the 2009 crash. Prices in the UK as a whole increased 4.2% but in London they fell...