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The latest news from the Stone Industry


Comments on the use of stone for interiors from Stone Federation's Interiors & Surface Materials Focus Group.

1 March 2018 | Market Intelligence
Stone effect or the real deal?The true mark of any style, design or brand that can be given the much sought after accolade of being said to have survived the fickle finger of fashion is to be...
Robert Merry

Robert Merry.

1 March 2018 | Market Intelligence
Robert Merry is an independent stone consultant and project manager who ran his own company for 17 years. He also acts as an expert witness.Installing large format stones as internal flooring or wet...

Online protection. Most of the data held by most companies about their customers and employees will become illegal on 25 May. Find out more at

1 March 2018 | Market Intelligence
Don't buy what are being described in emails from Ashley Emery (and other names) as 'Natural Stone Show 2018 Attendees email lists' if you expect to get a list of people and companies who...

Autoenrolment pension contributions increase in April for employers and employees. You can find out more about the changes here.

26 February 2018 | Market Intelligence
The phase-in period is over and all employers now have a legal obligation to enrol new and existing employees into a workplace pension.And from the start of the new financial year in April the...
Scottish Stone Debate

Graeme Dey MSP (in the middle) with Leanne Yates (of Scottish quarry company Denfind, one of the members of the Scottish Stone Group) and Marcus Paine of Hutton Stone, a founding member of the Group, in the Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber after the debate.

23 February 2018 | Market Intelligence
Following the newly formed Scottish Stone Group's meeting with Ministers and MPs in the Scottish Parliament last year (read more...) the Scottish Parliament has now held a debate in the chamber...

Staircase made by Chichester Stoneworks Ltd in Moca Cream Portuguese limestone.

22 February 2018 | Market Intelligence
When it has to be natural stoneWith the announcement of the Hard Surfaces exhibition, there is a lot in the latest issue of Natural Stone Specialist about the products that are expanding the...

“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations.

20 February 2018 | Market Intelligence
Last year, for the first time ever, the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) took out advertisements publicising the fact that it would pay £100,000 rewards for information about cartels....

This is DCM-PRO, a new electric underfloor heating system from Warmup that, in testing in America to American National Standards Institute 118.12:5.4, proved to protect tiled floors from cracking. It consists of an uncoupling membrane with a heating cable, making the installation of electric underfloor heating even easier. DCM-PRO’s self-healing uncoupling layer contracts and expands to deal with structural movements in subfloors due to seasonal temperature changes, preventing floor coverings from being damaged.

2 February 2018 | Market Intelligence
Stone makes an ideal surface for heating to be under because of its thermal mass and conductivity. The benefits of underfloor heating are clearly winning the argument in many cases because it...

Gang jailed for forging documents including CSCS cards so illegal immigrants could work in the UK.

29 January 2018 | Market Intelligence
A gang of seven who supplied fake ID documents, including passports and CSCS cards, to illegal immigrants has been jailed for a total of 16 years - an average of just over two years and three...

Barry Ashmore mentioned Carillion when he said in October last year: "If one of the major contractors went bust tomorrow, everyone would notice."

24 January 2018 | Market Intelligence
The collapse of the corporately bureaucratic Carillion set Natural Stone Specialist magazine looking back through the files to see if it had been predicted by anyone other than the Stock Market...

Chris Tottle.

19 January 2018 | Market Intelligence
Chris Tottle, a President of Stone Federation Great Britain in the 1990s and a representative in the UK of French limestone companies for many years, died on 18 January.The fact that Chris sold...

Turkish stone exports grew last year after China and India lifted import taxes and quotas.

19 January 2018 | Market Intelligence
With China and India both having eased restrictions on imports, Turkey's stone exports grew to more than US$2billion in 2017, reports the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, quoting the Aegean...
20 December 2017 | Market Intelligence
In the time-honoured tradition of this holiday season, we invite you to sit back and spend a few minutes reflecting on the past 12 months in the stone industry as seen through the pages of Natural...

Small companies need help to keep up with the digital industrial revolution, says FSB.

13 December 2017 | Market Intelligence
Some companies in the stone industry have embraced the digital connectivity of Industry 4.0. Some haven't and it is holding them back. The fact that some (mostly small) companies are not up to...

Tile & Stone Gallery, BAL and Johnsons have helped improve the life of a man left incapacitated after a mindless attack by football hooligans.

6 December 2017 | Market Intelligence
Tile & Stone Gallery joined forces with tile adhesives and grouts company BAL and tile company Johnsons to provide tiles, adhesives and grout to help the BBC DIY SOS programme improve...